#AtomicBabyClones: Army-Divisions & Types.

Salutations Readers, Meet The Arcadean-Army Infantry! Here is another ‘Review’ for you to enjoy, while I fill-up the new-website with content and check my old-notes one more time, before immersing myself into creating new ‘Comics & Cards!’

In the previous article, a peek behind the curtain was given about the Inner-Workings of #AtomicBabyClones. After deciding I was going to redo the older 20th century ‘Story-Design’ in 2010 and rebuild StarArena from the ground up; “My Note-Books were mainly filled with various explorations of the Story-Construct.

Until one such thread firmly started to take root and the narrative concept flowed freely onto the pages you can view below. The biggest contrast between the Old & New Construct is: Before there were but a select few Toy-Baby-Heroes with a mystic origin story. (i.e. The Chosen Ones.) This ‘model’ changed to; The ‘antagonists’ being ‘anybody’ among the millions of nameless mass-produced Army-Battle-Clones. (i.e. War-Heroes!)

All you need to know is: The StarArena_MetaVerse is governed by ‘Eight-Guardian-Gods’ and have established a ‘Stratocracy’ under ceaseless martial-law. Here the ‘Marshals’ rule as Monarchs over each of the Octants of The-Arcade. The point is: In this Meritocratic-System, If you have the Balls for Cyber-Battle; Anybody can Rise in the Ranks and become the next ‘Gunshin!’



The ‘Guardian-God’ of the Green-Terrains is Chijin (地神) and is loved by ‘people’ who seek Sanctuary in The Arcade, because He is Master of all that Terra-Firma has lost. Within the MetaVerse, distinction is made between; Old & Young Earth, consequently the Terra-God is also known as 土神 Doshin.

The Vicious, Violent and Viridescent War-Babies that battle and hold Banner for the Terra-Deity, have become an infamous terror in The Arcade and gathered a status of ill-repute among the other Infantry-Divisions. It is whispered that the Children of the Green-God can feel the sadness of their Father, over the squandered loss of the Gift that was given to the people on Mother-Earth; Beware of the Rage installed into the Terra-Clones!

The definition of Infantry is: Foot-Soldiers. And it does not get any more ‘Boots-On-The-Ground’ than with these Killers on Patrol! The players that show a high proficiency in taking out opponents data-bases, can request to join the special-forces of their division. The elite-units of Terra wear the coveted ‘Green-Barret!’



Inherited from the early beginnings, when the StarArena was solely a platform to ‘Train & Test’ the Cyber-Soldier of the Future, all terrains are present to emulate the conditions on earth. The ‘Guardian-God’ that presides of the Blue-Terrains is Suijin. (水神)

The Blue War-Babies are the children of the Water-God and therefore best equipped for missions in Aqua-Territory! Each Army-Division of The Arcade has their own Infantry. Even though it might seem a contradiction in terms; The Aqua-Infantry are Foot-Soldiers for the Water-Army. (No! Not; Navy! This is reserved for the Fleet of Cyber-Spacecrafts manufactured for troop-deployment and long distance journeys into Deep-Space.)

These ‘Amphibious’ Baby Clones have a longstanding track-record for exploring uncharted Cyber-Space in this Virtual-World. The Special-Forces of the Aqua-Dominion are know as Marines and are frequently deployed for Reconnaisance Missions in the darker side of the web.



In military theaters of war: Air superiority is always a requirement for successful missions and provided by the children of Fujin 空神. (Alt: 風神) These Airborne-Babies are a Mobile-Infantry of Paratroopers and predominantly First-Responders against Invaders.

The Purple and Violet Night-Sky War-Babies of the Aero-Dominions are ‘Ready for Anything’ and only those that steadily achieve excellence? Make it into the Special-Forces of the Air-God and are practically wizards of warfare when they can operate in their own element! Many wannabe Operators enlist with the Royal-Purple brigade, but drop-out the program, during the first test, designed to grade your fighting fortitude in flight.

This ‘Guardian-God’ is close to heaven and no stranger to the Winds, he can see all on-goings on the surface from above and bring his Troops to all corners of the MetaVerse. The only danger is that these Operatives are spread to thin, because a Cyber-War breaks out every few harmonics in time. Air-Support is not always available…



These Raging-Red War-Babies are the children of Kajin (火神) and a fan favorite for Operators with a combustible character and see themselves the Fire-Fighters of the Future, for sure when they enlist… But to operate a ‘Pyro-Clone’ you need to be steadfast, cool, collective and able to temper the heat!

The Pyro-Paradigm is one of persistent failure if you are not one with the Harmonics of the MetaVerse. The Red-Deck always attracts passionate players, but many do not realize that fire is a fickle mistress and it must be played with an open heart. Learning control, without getting burnt or blackened? Can only be done with some deep soul!

The Special-Forces of the Pyro-Dominion are known throughout The Arcade as Rangers! Once deployed and determined to take out a threat; They Are An All-Round Infernally Feared & Destructive Force To Be Reckoned With!



Another breed of War-Babies are the children of Iwagami. (岩神) These Chocolate-Colored Cyber-Clones are what keeps the War-Machine rolling! Besides being formidable fighters, they do maintenance and upkeep on anything in the Mechanized_Infantry! Without these ‘Specialists’ from the Rocca-Dominion in The Army of The Arcade; Many A Clone Would Never Have Come Home!

When you consider that the majority of Battle-Clones in Active-Service are comprised of Bio-Mechanical-Hardware, and when they endure Battle-Damage out in the field? It takes a ‘Mechanic’ to patch them back together again! Depending on their Training, Experience and Skills, their titles can range from: Mech, Medic, Master-Mechanic or Engineer!

These Rock-Clones are one half of the Emergency-Mech-Tech units that serve in the Armed-Forces and are an invaluable asset to your Data-Base! That is if you want Equipment and/or Body-Parts ‘Fixed’ in the heat of battle!? Another good reason to keep some of these Mech‘s around is the fact; They Excel In Demolition!



The Children of the Ferro-Dominion and ‘Guardian-God’ Konjin (金神) are undoubtedly the widest dispersed and deployed in the StarArena_MetaVerse, due to their Expertise. These Grey-Colored War-Babies are known as ‘Coders’ and are the other half of the EMT-Units mentioned above.

When you consider that majority of Hardware-Units are useless without a functioning Operating-System to steer the gear. A crash of an OS results in less boots on the ground _read; loss of a Battle-Unit_ to do battle against invaders. Or bad up-links, preventing down-loads of software, that result in deployed Battle-Units to perform sub-optimized in Card-Combat. Then you will not be surprised that many Army-Regiments have a Tech assigned to Platoons and Squads on missions far away from base, for Emergency-Support in the field.

Within the Rocca & Ferro Divisions there are no longer Special-Forces comprised of multiple members, but rather a wide range of individual ‘Specialists’. The ranks and titles these ‘Technicians’ wear, range from: Tech, Medic, Code-Master and Engineer. Also, these Units excel at; Cyber-Tactical War-Fare!



Once the StarArena_MetaVerse started expanding on its own account, deeper and deeper into Cyber-Space, a Sub-Net started to materialize, it is the ‘Guardian-God’ Raijin (雷神) that presides over this ‘Nether-Net!’

The Children of this ‘Thunder-God’ are the Tainted-Black War-Babies, known throughout The Arcade as: Shadows! Occasionally careful whispers are carried from mouth to ear that this Dark-Web is a warren of maze-like-tunnels that lead to a ‘Necropolis’ where the Shinigami (死神) are legion? But obviously; It is easy to scare and trick New-Cadets with these Wild-Stories… None of the missions of the ‘Necro-Operatives’ are mentioned on the com-links or broadcast networks, because they all are ‘Black-Ops!’ And the tall-tales float among the fearsome, are purely speculative and cannot be corroborated or confirmed.

But is sure as hell does not help if a Necro-Clone is assigned to your Squad on Patrol and you are unable to notice ‘it’ moving around with Silent-Stealth in the Dark-Corners of the Battle-Grid!? Such stories then develop quickly and are passed around the barracks and dormitories in the ungodly hours…



The counter-balance of Black-Ops are the ‘Blanc-Ops’ performed by the Children of Chū-shin. (宙神) Whereas the Covert missions are blacked-out and redacted. The Overt Blanc-Ops are never recorded and known only to Cosmo-Operatives that survived and the Commanders that issued the Orders.

As the ‘Guardian-God’ of the ‘Cosmopolis’ and the ‘Cosmic-Wind’ that blows through the Aether-Net. The Bright-White War-Babies are bestowed with the task of being Guardians and Messengers of The Gods. Not that the Titans are unable to defend themselves, but when the ‘Guardian-Gods’ gather on matters to be determined in chambers by the ‘Octarchy; “They Like Their Meetings To Pass In Quiet And Without Disturbance.”

Both the ‘Shadow & Spirit Operatives’ are Uncommon in the General Deployment of Soldiers in the StarArena_MetaVerse. Disappointment? Please, don’t be; This must be seen as a blessing among all of #GodsViciousBabies. When Aether & Nether-Clones start making regular appearances on the Battle-Grid in larger numbers? The War Against Evil Forces; Has Taken A Bad Turn!!



Once I have heard this Division with Yellow War-Babies referred to as; The 9th Power? Which is completely; WRONG!! We can be very short about it: The Nexus-Division is a Non-Player-Class and under direct supervision of the Gunshin! 軍神!

The only time you are likely to encounter a Core-Clone on the Battle-Grid is in Tournaments as an: Umpire, to settle disputes that border on legality within the rules & regulations.

Final Words From The Creator…

Even though I am getting completely fed-up with sitting at a keyboard, writing one description after the other, and another; I am pleased that the Story-Construct as Sketched-Out in the first half of 2014, still holds my interest! A few more of these posts in smaller dosages have been prepared and are ready for review. So more writing and defining of Story-Design in store for me these next few days.

Yet, the idea is, once I get through all that; “My Brain Will Be Soaked With The Narrative-Concept And Fully Fueled For The Art-Board Sessions Behind The Drawing-Board!”


An earlier version of an ‘Introduction to Infantry-Divisions’ can be found on Patreon. The text length in those articles is longer because they were written as weekly updates (originally published in 2015 & 2016) and not intended to be published in one post.

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