#AtomicBabyClones: Army-Divisions & Types.

Salutations Readers, Meet The Arcadean Army Infantry! Here is another ‘Review’ for you to enjoy, while I fill up the new website with content and check my old notes one more time, before immersing myself into creating new ‘Comics & Cards!’

In the previous article, a peek behind the curtain was given about the Inner Workings of #AtomicBabyClones. After deciding I was going to redo the older 20th century ‘Story Design’ in 2010 and rebuild StarArena from the ground up; “My Notebooks were mainly filled with various explorations of the Story Construct.

Until one such thread firmly started to take root and the narrative concept flowed freely onto the pages you can view below. The biggest contrast between the Old & New Construct is: Before there were but a select few Toy Baby Heroes with a mystic origin story. (i.e. The Chosen Ones.) This ‘model’ changed to; The ‘antagonists’ being ‘anybody’ among the millions of nameless mass produced Army Battle Clones. (i.e. War Heroes!)

All you need to know is: The StarArena_MetaVerse is governed by ‘Eight Guardian Gods’ and have established a ‘Stratocracy’ under ceaseless martial law. Here the ‘Marshals’ rule as Monarchs over each of the Octants of The Arcade. The point is: In this Meritocratic System, If you have the Balls for Cyber Battle; Anybody can Rise in the Ranks and become the next ‘Gunshin!’



The ‘Guardian God’ of the Green Terrains is Chijin (地神) and is loved by ‘people’ who seek Sanctuary in The Arcade, because He is Master of all that Terra-Firma has lost. Within the MetaVerse, distinction is made between; Old & Young Earth, consequently the Terra God is also known as 土神 Doshin.

The Vicious, Violent and Viridescent War Babies that battle and hold Banner for the Terra Deity, have become an infamous terror in The Arcade and gathered a status of ill repute among the other Infantry Divisions. It is whispered that the Children of the Green God can feel the sadness of their Father, over the squandered loss of the Gift that was given to the people on Mother Earth; Beware of the Rage installed into the Terra Clones!

The definition of Infantry is: Foot Soldiers. And it does not get any more ‘Boots On The Ground’ than with these Killers on Patrol! The players that show a high proficiency in taking out opponents data bases, can request to join the special forces of their division. The elite units of Terra wear the coveted ‘Green Barret!’



Inherited from the early beginnings, when the StarArena was solely a platform to ‘Train & Test’ the Cyber Soldier of the Future, all terrains are present to emulate the conditions on earth. The ‘Guardian God’ that presides of the Blue Terrains is Suijin. (水神)

The Blue War Babies are the children of the Water God and therefore best equipped for missions in Aqua Territory! Each Army Division of The Arcade has their own Infantry. Even though it might seem a contradiction in terms; The Aqua Infantry are Foot Soldiers for the Water Army. (No! Not; Navy! This is reserved for the Fleet of Cyber Spacecrafts manufactured for troop deployment and long distance journeys into Deep Space.)

These Amphibious’ Baby Clones have a longstanding track record for exploring uncharted Cyber Space in this Virtual World. The Special Forces of the Aqua Dominion are know as Marines and are frequently deployed for Reconnaisance Missions in the darker side of the web.



In military theaters of war: Air superiority is always a requirement for successful missions and provided by the children of Fujin 空神. (Alt: 風神) These Airborne Babies are a Mobile Infantry of Paratroopers and predominantly First Responders against Invaders.

The Purple and Violet Night Sky War Babies of the Aero Dominions are ‘Ready for Anything’ and only those that steadily achieve excellence? Make it into the Special Forces of the Air God and are practically wizards of warfare when they can operate in their own element! Many wannabe Operators enlist with the Royal Purple brigade, but wash out the program, during the first test, designed to grade your fighting fortitude in flight.

This ‘Guardian God’ is close to heaven and no stranger to the Winds, he can see all on-goings on the surface from above and bring his Troops to all corners of the MetaVerse. The only danger is that these Operatives are spread to thin, because a Cyber War breaks out every few harmonics in time. Air Support is not always available…



These Raging Red War Babies are the children of Kajin (火神) and a fan favorite for Operators with a combustible character and see themselves the Fire Fighters of the Future, for sure when they enlist… But to operate a ‘Pyro Clone’ you need to be steadfast, cool, collective and able to temper the heat!

The Pyro Paradigm is one of persistent failure if you are not one with the Harmonics of the MetaVerse. The Red Deck always attracts passionate players, but many do not realize that fire is a fickle mistress and it must be played with an open heart. Learning control, without getting burnt or blackened? Can only be done with some deep soul!

The Special Forces of the Pyro Dominion are known throughout The Arcade as Rangers! Once deployed and determined to take out a threat; They Are An All Round Infernally Feared & Destructive Force To Be Reckoned With!



Another breed of War Babies are the children of Iwagami. (岩神) These Chocolate Colored Cyber Clones are what keeps the War Machine rolling! Besides being formidable fighters, they do maintenance and upkeep on anything in the Mechanized_Infantry! Without these ‘Specialists’ from the Rocca Dominion in The Army of The Arcade; Many A Clone Would Never Have Come Home!

When you consider that the majority of Battle Clones in Active Service are comprised of Bio Mechanical Hardware, and when they endure Battle Damage out in the field? It takes a ‘Mechanic’ to patch them back together again! Depending on their Training, Experience and Skills, their titles can range from: Mech, Medic, Master Mechanic or Engineer!

These Rock Clones are one half of the Emergency Mech Tech units that serve in the Armed Forces and are an invaluable asset to your Data Base! That is if you want Equipment and/or Body Parts ‘Fixed’ in the heat of battle!? Another good reason to keep some of these Mech‘s around is the fact; “They Excel In Demolition!



The Children of the Ferro Dominion and ‘Guardian God’ Konjin (金神) are undoubtedly the widest dispersed and deployed in the StarArena_MetaVerse, due to their Expertise. These Grey Colored War Babies are known as ‘Coders’ and are the other half of the EMT Units mentioned above.

When you consider that majority of Hardware Units are useless without a functioning Operating System to steer the gear. A crash of an OS results in less boots on the ground _read; loss of a Battle Unit_ to do battle against invaders. Or bad up links, preventing down loads of software, that result in deployed Battle Units to perform sub optimized in Card Combat. Then you will not be surprised that many Army Regiments have a Tech assigned to Platoons and Squads on missions far away from base, for Emergency Support in the field.

Within the Rocca & Ferro Divisions there are no longer Special Forces comprised of multiple members, but rather a wide range of individual ‘Specialists’. The ranks and titles these ‘Technicians’ wear, range from: Tech, Medic, Code Master and Engineer. Also, these Units excel at; Cyber Tactical Warfare!



Once the StarArena_MetaVerse started expanding on its own account, deeper and deeper into Cyber Space, a Sub Net started to materialize, it is the ‘Guardian God’ Raijin (雷神) that presides over this ‘Nether Net!’

The Children of this ‘Thunder-God’ are the Tainted-Black War Babies, known throughout The Arcade as: Shadows! Occasionally careful whispers are carried from mouth to ear that this Dark Web is a warren of maze like tunnels that lead to a ‘Necropolis’ where the Shinigami (死神) are legion? But obviously; It is easy to scare and trick New-Cadets with these Wild Stories… None of the missions of the ‘Necro Operatives’ are mentioned on the com links or broadcast networks, because they all are ‘Black-Ops!’ And the tall tales float among the fearsome, are purely speculative and cannot be corroborated or confirmed.

But is sure as hell does not help if a Necro Clone is assigned to your Squad on Patrol and you are unable to notice ‘it’ moving around with Silent Stealth in the Dark Corners of the Battle Grid!? Such stories then develop quickly and are passed around the barracks and dormitories in the ungodly hours…



The counter balance of Black Ops are the Blanc Ops’ performed by the Children of Chū-shin. (宙神) Whereas the Covert missions are blacked out and redacted. The Overt Blanc Ops are never recorded and known only to Cosmo Operatives that survived and the Commanders that issued the Orders.

As the ‘Guardian God’ of the ‘Cosmopolis’ and the ‘Cosmic-Wind’ that blows through the Aether Net. The Bright White War Babies are bestowed with the task of being Guardians and Messengers of The Gods. Not that the Titans are unable to defend themselves, but when the ‘Guardian Gods’ gather on matters to be determined in chambers by the ‘Octarchy; “They Like Their Meetings To Pass In Quiet And Without Disturbance.”

Both the ‘Shadow & Spirit Operatives’ are Uncommon in the General Deployment of Soldiers in the StarArena_MetaVerse. Disappointment? Please, don’t be; This must be seen as a blessing among all of #GodsViciousBabies. When Aether & Nether Clones start making regular appearances on the Battle-Grid in larger numbers? The War Against Evil Forces; Has Taken A Bad Turn!!



Once I have heard this Division with Yellow War Babies referred to as; The 9th Power? Which is completely; WRONG!! We can be very short about it: The Nexus Division is a Non Player Class and under direct supervision of the Gunshin! 軍神!

The only time you are likely to encounter a Core Clone on the Battle Grid is in Tournaments as an: Umpire, to settle disputes that border on legality within the rules & regulations.

Final Words From The Creator…

Even though I am getting completely fed-up with sitting at a keyboard, writing one description after the other, and another; I am pleased that the Story Construct as Sketched Out in the first half of 2014, still holds my interest! A few more of these posts in smaller dosages have been prepared and are ready for review. So more writing and defining of Story Design in store for me these next few days.

Yet, the idea is, once I get through all that; “My Brain Will Be Soaked With The Narrative Concept And Fully Fueled For The Art-Board Sessions Behind The Drawing-Board!”


An earlier version of an ‘Introduction to Infantry-Divisions’ can be found on Patreon. The text length in those articles is longer because they were written as weekly updates (originally published in 2015 & 2016) and not intended to be published in one post.

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