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Software Cards are The Soul of The Card Game and these software card types come in four fresh flavors. First, let me remind you that this is a Turn Based battle game! When you find yourself in Card Battle; You are always in One of Two possible Functions or Modes of Operation. Namely in; Defense Mode or Offense Mode! This matters why?

Hard Rule: Software Cards can only be Downloaded _brought into play_ onto the ‘Active Hard Drive’ of your Hero Card! Something you must pay attention to when selection your: Battle Options!

Secondly; Never Forget The Hard Rule!

When you are the Attacker:
You must Download your Software onto the Offense hard drive of your Hero Card.

When you are the Defender:
You must Download your Software onto the Defense hard drive of your Hero Card.


For those who know their way around Collectable Card Games, the above instructions should be enough to get you started? Before we continue, a quick reminder: Hardware Cards have ‘Dual Hard Drives’ and show the ‘Download Capacity’ and the ‘Battle Values’ of that Hero Card.

Also, your Battle Options (SW) have a Download Cost! Meaning you need enough Free Space on the target Hard Drive (Off or Def) of your Hero Card to; Download, Store and Activate the Action to gain the Extra Added Battle Value of said software.

With that said and read back; It sounds complicated? Well; It Is Not!
As I aim to make clear in the next section…

The Software Card Types:


Can Only be Downloaded onto the Defense (Blue) Hard Drive of your Hero Card!


Can Only be Downloaded onto the Offense (Red) Hard Drive of your Hero Card!

Note: The above Software Types are elementary and have Single Hard Drive Destinations. They are No~Brainers when building your deck or choosing Battle Options when you find yourself in the heat of Card Combat! When you are playing Defense (Blue) there is no need to look at anything Red in your hand! These type cards really are one way and have one single purpose: Attacking or Blocking!


Can be Downloaded onto the Red (Off) And/Or Blue (Def) Hard Drives of your Hero Card!

Firstly; With these type software cards you need to pay close attention to the Battle Values because they are not so simple and straight forward anymore! Secondly; When using Special Cards, you must examine on what Hard-Drive they must installed to achieve maximum added Battle Value.


Can be Downloaded onto the Red (Off) And/Or Blue (Def) Hard Drives of your Hero Card!

* These Battle Options should Only be in your deck when you play on Maps!
Effect Cards contain the same randomness as Special Cards and when mastered brings game play from novice to experienced. Since these type software ‘affect’ battle conditions of terrains and/or dominions, they are completely useless to have in your Data Base (Game Deck) when playing Cards Only!!

Game Cards Availability

Throughout the years StarArena has been predominantly a Print_And_Play game!
But for those who prefer to play with High Quality Game Cards can order these at TheGameCrafter.

Software Modifiers

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