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This article aims to clarify the ‘Why’ is this a Game System? Because the short bio description on social channels seems to raise this question once in while; “PJay ‘BabyAngel’ Frith is creating the Star Arena, A Cyber Fiction Game System, For All Rages!”


The answer to this can be traced back to the previous millennium. The original tag line from 25 years ago is; Star Arena, A Cyber Combat Card & Board Game“. Which gives the impression it is a package deal? But in fact they have always been two components, at first: The Card Game and secondly The Board Game, which was the first game expansion added to the product line. This Arena was added on to give the game characters a platform and enrich the Card Battles!

This divide in the product line is evident in the accompanied Game Rules of each component:

Rules Of EngagementROEThese are Card Rules
on how to do Battle!
STAR ARENA 2017Rules Of ConductROCThese are Area Rules
of the Battle Arena!

Each Expansion Comes With A Rule Set.

What is interesting is that each game expansion comes with its own Rule Set and prompt stages during game play. The Card Game is basically a one on one battle game and as the ‘parent’ in the product line can be played without the Arena. When you decide to add The Board Game to your gaming experience or table top entertainment: You first follow the Area Rules (ROC) until you come close enough to another player on the game board to do Card Battle. When you start a Card Battle, the ROC pauses and the ROE (Card Rules) kick into gear! The outcome of said battle determines the continue conditions and game play is back to the Area Rules (ROC) until that next gruesome card battle in pursuit of Victory!!

Over the years new game components have been added to the game arsenal. The mandate has always been to preserve the original ‘parent’ card game while developing new game gear. The best way to adhere to the directive was to compartmentalize each component and make it optional. Allowing new Star Arena Game Variants to form by making combinations.

Is ‘New’ Better? Below you see game extensions depicted as jigsaw puzzle pieces that can be collected and connected to form a new game variant; All the while preserving the original card game structure.

SIMS ALPHAThe SIM Stack is a Game Deck
expansion containing Mini Missions.
CONSOLEALPHAThese are Staging Area place maps for
Clone Commander Games.
CARDSALPHA/BETAThe Game Cards are what gives
Star Arena Games its life source.
MINISBETAGame Miniatures that represent the
Battle Classes of the Clones.
MODEMBETAThese Card Modems transport your
Game Clone onto Battle Maps.
ARCADEBETAMaps is a generic term for all types
of Battle Grids that Minis enter.
MOVESALPHAThese are Coin Activated cards to
Configure your Battle Clone.
ARENABETAThe Battle Arenas are Advanced
Multi Leveled Rotating Game Maps.
COINSBETAThe Game Coins are essential to
your survival in Star Arena Games.
ALPHA Status is determined by the lack of New Game Cards and/or Artwork. Become A Patron!

Collect And Connect!

I cannot answer the question for you; If ‘New’ is better? The cool thing about this system is that you can collect and play the game variants at your own speed and find out for yourself. The goal has always been to enhance the Star Arena into one record breaking Mega War Game! Something you can collect, piece together and grow into… What I can tell you; If you think that The Card Game Sucks Farts From Dead Pigs? I suggest you browse around elsewhere for free game cards, because our TCG remains the Heart & Soul of Star Arena Games.

Editors Note: In the table above there are 2 Phases given, Alpha & Beta. Items in Beta phase are strong and ready for release. Consisting mainly out of Hard Copy items of the Game Gear. But until the projects are ready for a ‘Kickstarter’ or ‘Gamefound’ Campaign; All items remain only available as Pre Production Prototypes in Beta Test phase on Patreon or other external vendors.

The items in Alpha phase are there due to a shortage of artwork. But, the hard part is over and I am happy to mention that effort and energy can be invested back into drawing new Comics & Cards! Meanwhile you can support the game by buying earlier Artwork in the StarArena.Gallery!


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