The ‘Why & How’ These Babies Are Bad-Ass!!

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Here you can learn more about the Atomic Baby Clones. At this moment in time I am in between two opposites. On the one hand I had planned to be drawing ‘Comics & Cards’ in this period, but ended up spending all spare time in erecting this much needed New Website!

Instead of complaining about the situation, I have set out to combine the two opposites and meet somewhere in middle: By Reviewing My Old Notes!

  • Atomic Baby Clones

Because of an earlier article I posted regarding: Where Do I Start A StarArenaGame? …I went through my Sketch Books to check up on some facts of fiction and happily discovered I essentially had not deviated from the original concept(s over the years and kept the set course. For those who have not noticed the dates on the pages yet; This Notebook is from Summer of 2013 and the ideas within still hold ‘true’ to this day.

The Word: *Holo Port* within StarArenaGames is synonym for Start a/o Home. But soon after also became an Active Verb. Within a few Game-Turns, skeptical new bees towards the Cyber Fiction setting, were ‘Holoporting’ allover the Game Board like nobody’s business!

For over a decade, the mechanics behind ‘Holoporting’ remained unexplained. That is until; I put some effort into it and realized it could be explained via the: “Cyber Core! The Energy Source of the Atomic Baby Clones _And All Other Lifeforms In The Arcade, be they; Man, Machine or Monster!_ introduced in an earlier sketchbook.”

  • #AtomicBabyClones

The Reboot Of Game Characters.

Once it was established what made the Atomic Baby Clones; Go-Go-Go! Other remaining ‘Open Questions’ in the backstory got to be resolved like the successive televised tumbling of Domino Stones; One After The Other!

One such fact, not specified in the notes is: These War Babies are Bio Mechanically engineered. Making them suitable for mass production and marketable for Military Companies in the business of making profit on mass destruction. Much to the dismay of commercial conglomerates, the Clone Army industry is not a Open Market enterprise and the Contract was given to the Black Smith of the Game-Gods!

Even so, Commercial Licenses have been granted and High End Sport Models are available, sold to consumers as Game Clones! Which have lead to the widely broadcasted Tournaments in several Leagues. But these upgrade able models with infinite accessories come with a penthouse price tag and are way above the heads of us common pedestrians!

The short route to becoming a Clone Operator is to Enlist with the Armed Forces of The Arcade. Serve the Common Wealth, patrol the Virtual Wastelands and defend against invading RAM Raiders.

  • Atomic Baby Clones

The Inner Workings Of Baby Clones.

Becoming a Clone Operator in service of the common wealth of The Arcade will give you a (Short) Lifetime of Action, Adventure and (Bad) Memories!

Here are some of the things not mentioned at Recruiting Stations and omitted from Recruitment Forms: You are promised a Pain Free (physical) experience when operating a battle clone. But neglect to tell you that the main strain is on your brain and the majority of cadets wash out of basic training on mental health issues.

That is; If You Opt For The Full Package!? The most thrilling immersion is achieved by a: ‘Neuro Connection’ with the Battle Clone! Skipping all the secondary devices to remote control and operate your unit. Or Go Big with a complete ‘Brain Dump’ onto the Dual Disk Drive of your Clone Unit.

When this is taken to the extreme, a gamer can opt to discard their human remains. The latter ‘Technology’ is what makes the StarArena_MetaVerse into a coveted cyber Sanctuary; In The Not Too Distant Future.

  • Atomic Baby Clones


Also ‘Holoporting’ around in Secure and Quarantined areas is Safe and Carefree! The Battle Zone in which you Operate with your Unit runs the risk of being Contaminated with all kinds of Corrupt-Code. Once these start to nestle in your Bio Hardware, ‘Holoports’ can lead to ‘Mutations’ in the Key Code of your Battle Clone.

Read the notes: ‘Holoporting’ is based on the principle and process of Modulating & Demodulating (Break Down & Build Up) of your Unit from One Location to Another. When your Key Code is compromised; You Might Come Out A Little Different Than How You Started Before The ‘Holoport!?

This is how Veteran Fighters show their wear & tear! Minor mutations are seen as a rite of passage and give your clone character. But when arriving back from a ‘Holoport; Always Cover Your Six and see ‘Who’ or ‘What’ comes behind you!?

Need To Know!!

The Atomic Baby Clones are almost ‘indestructible’ and 90% of body parts are ‘Interchangeable!’ Allowing you to Customize your Clone to your hearts desire! If you can afford the cost with coin!? Except for your: Cyber Core & Cyber Brain!!

  • Atomic Baby Clones

The Virtualization of Toy-Baby-Heroes!

At the end of the notebook it was time to come to a conclusion and the ‘Secret-Recipe’ for the Trademark Characters is revealed on the above pages in Ink & Color by my hand; For All To See. Earlier in life the big jump was from TAG to TOY. Historically this TOY is ‘Virtualized’ _on the above conception date of entry_ and Copied Millions Of Times into what we now know as the Clone Army of The Arcade. Or so the whispered story behind the Cyber Saga goes?

You read it here first, so it must be true!
Anywho; This is the premise on which the plots are build, hope you like?


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