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After careful consideration we have decided to repackage the modems as Game Expansions, rather than accessories. With the use of Game Modems come Additional Rules, so they are not in play to make the tabletop look more attractive. The Star Arena: Modem_1 is more than just a luxury deluxe cardholder…

When you are done playing ‘One on One’ card battle games? You should consider expanding The Card Game to Multi Player mode with your friends. As much as 8 Players can enter, or more if you can find them! To keep large card battles dynamic and organized; Use of Modems is Strongly Advised!

Star Arena: Modem_1

The first Modem Prototypes for The Card Game appeared in 2017. After initial testing in the War Room we soon discovered their potential and took them into production. The first limited edition print run in 2018 consisted of 320 items, of which 256 Modems still remain in the War Room for Game & Story production purposes.

Another batch of 320 Modems, consisting of 8 types x 40 pieces, found their way to the War Room later that year. From this second batch; 256 Patrons can Collect one of these Limited Edition Game Modems; Designed, Assembled, Hand Sticker-ed, Signed and Sequentially Numbered by your humble Game Smith.

Get One Today!! Before you run out of luck and they are out of stock!? These discontinued StarArena: Modem_1 series are a piece of Game History and a Collectible Treasure; You Can Still Own One…

See The Making-Of: Game-Modems On

Note: Even though these Game Modems are intended for All Out Hardcore Card Battle! They are also Cool Ass Card Displays to Showcase your Prize Character In your Residence or Workplace!

Game Modem_1.0 Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1 Centimeters. Dice-format needed is: 12 Millimeters.

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