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Salutations Reader,
The answer to Where To Begin Game is: Start At HOLOPORT. This position on the Game Portal is the equivalent of *START* or *HOME* on traditional game boards throughout the ages. Please keep in mind that The Arena is an expansion to The Card Game. You are a Warrior that has Logged In to the StarArena® for a Card Battle Tournament. The *HOLOPORT* is your *BASE* where you _are Safe from Attacks and_ await your turn to enter the game.

  • Start At Holoport


The *HOLOPORT* is a *Safe Zone* from where you ENTER the game. When it is your Game Turn _the Dice (D8) is passed to you from the right_ you throw for: Actions. The Numeric Value given on the cast Die, determines how many ‘Actions’ you may play in your Game Turn.

These ‘Actions’ may be spent on Moves or Turns. ‘Moves’ are Steps you take on, over or across the game board. Turns’ are Rotations of the game levels you make for personal strategic Advantage, or to create Disadvantage for your opponents. Thus; Your Game Turn begins with throwing The Dice!

This because your strategy is dependent on how many actions you may take in your turn.

For example; If you Throw Low? You might want to wait one round and use your ‘Action(s)’ to turn the board and trip up another player? You then remain safe and force others to battle it out…

When you do decide to ENTER the Game? You first: Insert Coin _which goes into the Jackpot and becomes Treasure_ and then Step ‘into’ the game and ‘onto’ the next Level(s). Once you move your Mini ‘In Game; Your ass is up for grabs and you best be ready for Card Combat!’

“To The Victor Go The Spoils Of War!”

where to start game?

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