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After Cloning, Body Modifications and Reconstructive Surgery of the Early Toy Editions, a New Base Clone rose from the ashes and became the start of the: Ante Bellum Editions!! Spawning two complete sets (2 x 8) and ‘three’ extra toy clones that were used for exploratory research & development of the ‘Other Half’ of the Art Form: Packaging!

Resulting in the: TOY_ZERO and ANGEL & DEMON, Custom Toy Packs.The Soldier & Outlaw_Sets remained on display in the studio, but with the arrival of Series_B, have been replaced and Set 1 & 2 have come available for ‘Special Orders’.

Shelf Space is limited in the War Room and therefore I never fabricated any additional Royal Oak Toy Packs. I am open to creating Custom Designs for you to display in your Geek Cave…

This #War Baby_MASTER brought forth these #AtomicBabyClones:

TOY_ZERO: Donated to the Dutch-Graffiti-Library.

Set_0/ Series_A: ANGEL & DEMON, Goodies & Baddies Pre-Release.

Set_1/ Series_A: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #001 ~ #008/128. (Casted in 2017/ Awaiting Packaging.

Set_2/ Series_A: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #009 ~ #016/128. (Casted in 2017/ Awaiting Packaging.

See The Making-Of: Toy-Series_A On

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