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This article aims to provide you with the need to know about Star Arena: The Board Game. The first Official Expansion to The Card Game and intended as a Beat ‘Em Up platform, befittingly named The Arena Game.

According To Lore: There Is Only One True Star Arena!

The Table Top Sensation you are able to play in the comfort of your home are Duplicates of the Original! Every one of these Game Portals has the ability to transport triumphant Warriors and Gladiators in local tournaments to the center of the StarArena_MetaVerse.

Each Match you play in a Tournament or Training Arena, prepares you for the Mega War of 2520.

The Aim of the Game is to: Reach Top First And Claim Treasure!
If the Game Gods take notice or favor your Battle Mettle and Fighting Fortitude;
You could be gifted Sanctuary into The Arcade and muster you for the Grand Battle Royale!

Only True Champions and Glorious Gladiators from any Code, Breed and Creed are granted Sanctuary into The Arcade. If you win a Match and you ‘still’ see your friends at the game table;

“This means you have NOT been ‘Holoported’ to the StarArena_MetaVerse and you have to keep battling the ranks to make the cut! Keep Training And Play Another Game!!
To The Victor Go The Spoils Of The Battle Sims!


Limited Editions & Collectibles!

The Star Arena (Classic) is: A Strategic Multi Leveled Rotating Tabletop Board Game! Each of these individual prototypes has been produced and hand assembled by your humble Game Smith.

*108 in total: One Dozen Black-Boards were made as promotional giveaways!

An Abridged History Of The Arena Game

At risk of sounding like a dinosaur, photographic evidence from the way early days of StarArena® is rare. Simply because we did not walk around with mobile devices that had photo function until the release of the first iPhone. Luckily I went out and bought one of those disposable snapshot cameras around the corner of the studio from back in the days and _partly_ recorded the making of the Tournament Table and/or The Original StarArena!

True Story: The original Art Board of the StarArena® was drawn as a Navigation Menu of our Toy Baby Heroes website and depicted the baby universe. And soon after, one thing leads to another, discussing the Menu/Map sketch with my brother in arms at TBHead-Quarters, the ominous words ‘What If’ were muttered…

What If; We turn this Map into a Beat’ Em Up Board Game and call it StarArena?

From here on out things snowballed; Cutting and pasting a color print onto multiple layers of foam board, the Mock Up is created and a production avalanche was about to roar down the mountain!


Table Top Sensation!

We take our Table Top Games very seriously! So much so that for the purpose of Game Development we made the Game Board into an actual full scale Table Top! It was during construction at the Timber-Factory that me and my carpentry compadre decided to cut some corners by making the base into an Octagon so it could sit 8 Players. Then; Paint and Graphics!

Once done, spawning weekly Game Sessions every Wednesday evening at studio TBH-Q and later _open to public_ at our local COM-X store in Amsterdam back when it was still a brick shop and hangout on weekends, beta gaming and creating the Table Top Sensation we still play to this day!

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Game Board Details: StarArena_Classic 2015

Game Board Details: StarArena_Classic 2017

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