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Gaze at: Star Arena Classic 2017 * A Strategic Multi Leveled Rotating Tabletop Board Game!

* Game Expansion: To Be Played In Combination With StarArena_The Card Game


This Board Game is the first physical upgrade to The Card Game. For those already acquainted with doing Card Battle, this Cyber Colosseum offers Clone Operators a stage to grandstand your Close Quarter Combat skills! It can sit 4 to 8 players willing to take on the challenge to; “Reach The Top First And Claim Your Prize!”

These Game Portals, originally designed as a Battle Simulator and developed to train and test the Cyber Soldier of the future, have become a gateway to another dimension. To the Victor go the Spoils; Only Champions and attested Gladiators in Tournaments are granted ‘free’ passage to The Arcade and a chance to partake in the Grand Battle Royale! A ‘coveted prize’ to obtain among the many Warrior breeds in the multiverses. Known by many names in various languages or formats, which all loosely translate to; ‘Sanctuary’ in The Arena Game!

In other words:
This ‘Who Gets To The Top First’ and ‘Beat ’em Up’ platform Game Board is an Upgrade to the Kick Ass Collectible Card Game. Play any Deck or Characters you want and show your friends who’s the Boss when you Destroy your Opponents Data Bases and Collect All The Coins!

Star Arena Classic 2017

What makes this Star Arena Classic 2017 edition special


The Stock Answer is: Because all Game Portals are Designed, Produced and Hand Assembled by your humble Game Smith and are NOT made in China, making these Game Units !! Super Rare !!

Because they are UV Printed on Poly Vinyl foam board. Belong to a Limited Edition of 96*, Uniquely Numbered by The Artist and come with a Certificate Of Authenticity! Made in 2017.

* If you want to Geek Out on the production history? Read; The Whiteboards_2017

Game Play:
“Be Victorious or Vanquished on this Strategic Multi Leveled Rotating Tabletop Board Game! As you Battle your way to the Top to gain The Grand Prize of Sanctuary and Take The Coins!!”

Read More About: The Whiteboards_2017

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