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In this next Arcade Game Variant we explore a more Monsters & Mazes type theme. This paradigmatic Dungeon Crawler, places the StarArena Classic Game Board at the center of the compartmentalized coliseum as if it were a Castle to pillage and plunder!

When the Fire Walls of the Cyber Citadel have been breached and the StarArena is deactivated when Sanctuary is reached; The Game Portal is then taken off the Table Top and reveals the Contents of the Dungeon! The Victor supposably drops straight down and Collects the Coins in the center; Whereupon the other players join in and battle it out for the remaining Treasure!!

“If we had such a Game Piece? We would also rescue the frigging Princess!?”

The Dungeon Crawler Puts Minis On The Map!

This Slug Fest can sit 4 to 8 players and has 2 main game modes. Firstly there is the: Commander game, where all players bring an Army onto the Battle Grid. And secondly the: Operator game, where the players pit their Heroes against Hordes of NPC’s (Non Player Class) and each other in the race reach the treasure! Speaking from experience; Alliances Are Quickly Made And Broken!

Once more, this Arcade Chess game variant is a mere prelude to Bigger & Better Battle Maps to come! During the production of the Dungeon Crawler prototype: Game Coins evolve into existence and find their way onto the Battle Grids; Forever Boosting Game Play With Minis In The MetaVerse!

For those who care for it or like: In Notebook #13 you can find the raw concept sketches made for the Dungeon Crawler and a surge of additional Minis from page #13_21 through to Books End.

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