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In this series we take a closer look at the Shi-Tenno, the Celestial Kings and protectors of the Four Directions. Each represents a Wind, Season, Element, Color and Code that ward off evil and protect the Arcadeans against malicious spirits. Behold the North King: Tammon-Ten.


These Deities are Demon Slayers and Hunters of the First Order, examples of excellence and dedication to all who follow. Many an Oni (鬼), Jyaki (邪鬼) or Akuma (悪魔) have been trampled upon and made to repent for their transgressions. Those who show disobedience against the Gunshin (軍神) and lust to consume The Core become targets of the Game Kings.

In biblical terms, Shi-Tenno are Old Testament and are undeniablyViciouswhen they transform into their violently feared Wrathful emanation. Rarely seen without Armor (Yoroi 鎧), looking Fierce (Funnusō 忿怒相), with Weapons or Objects (Jimotsu 持物) said to eliminate evil.

Placed by their predecessors to guard the MiniVerse, these Heavenly Kings rule the Cardinal Directions of StarArena as a Tetrarchy. Outranking the Younger Titans (Shugoshin Octarchy) and ‘serving’ the Ancient Gatekeepers (Oyagami Diarchry) that one must pass to reach Sanctuary.

Each of the Shi-Tenno cover a Quadrant and Tammon-Ten is King Of The North.


The Children Of Tammon-Ten (北王)

Technically, we refer to the Second Generation of Atomic Baby Clones as transitional replicas of Celestial Beings and classical elements. Hence, the more colloquial reference to these war machines as “Gods Vicious Babies” is used among citizens and scientists alike.

The Root-Code is strong and undiluted among the Heavenly Hordes, drawing strength from the classical elements of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Often wrongly equated with the Seraphim, these Celestials serve the Heavenly Kings and wander through cyberspace until summoned for battle. Recorded as Few in Numbers; Their Kills are Reputedly Legendary and Legion.


*Replace Artwork: Next Phase

The Celestial game cards have different markings to identify them as second generation Battle-Units in game play and battle. To indicate that Celestial software is only compatible with 2nd generation Battle Units, the ‘Bigram’ denotes Battle-Option game cards. These Empyrean Warriors have an older operating system and are a cut above the rest, in a league apart.

Contrary to vice versa, later generations of Battle Clones are unable to run or download earlier legacy software. Collecting these cards will prove challenging as most of them are Ultra-Rare and even Secrets that need to be unlocked. Nevertheless, try to have some in your deck!

The Mega War of 2520 is a Grand Battle Royale about Survival or Damnation.
Tammon-Ten is certain to summon the Elite of the Aero Hordes to engage in Battle.

“Step Aside For The Aero Celestials!”


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