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This article aims to explain and underline how ridiculously high the ‘Collectible Value’ is on these custom made Game Boards! The Star Arena_Classic 2015 Blackboards have without a doubt the most hours spent on them per individual Game Unit. Mechanically they are all alike! Cosmetically they are all Unique due to the continuous improvements made to the Adhesive Graphics!!

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On the left side you see the Color Combination and Graphics as we left them in 2005. Ordered to specs; Plain black game board components are custom cut late 2014 and serve as base for the graphics before assembly. Giving your humble Game Smith the opportunity to optimize the design documents in ‘batches’. At first the Color Palette needed to be Fine Tuned. Secondly, the Pictograms were under review and Refreshed where needed.

Within a few batches the front view finds its final form, as can be seen from left to right. From the 48 Units ordered, 4 are stamped rejects and the official count of the Limited Edition is 44 pieces.

Writing the Rules Of Conduct

Among the little things in life I find extremely annoying is; When you open the box of a previously played game and the Rule Book or pamphlet is ‘Misplaced?’ For this reason I wanted the Arena Rules on the reverse side of the game board; So they never get lost!

With the first two batches done, primarily focused on the front view and why prototypes 1 thru 6 have such a crude back design. Work continues: Exploring which way to take the aesthetics, stickers are ordered 4 to a batch and each time a batch of prototypes is assembled for review. Continuously checking legibility, color balance and improving the design docs. At some point midway the Final Format of the design is locked in. To quench the thirst of the curiosity; Alternate versions are produced that most likely will never again be printed, making them !! ULTRA RARE !!

Please note that all the game boards are Sequentially Numbered _in the bottom right corner_ and it is strenuously underlined that; None of these portals are Identical! Confirming that each Game Unit is an Unique Copy and the reason I proclaim you can ‘OWN’ a Piece Of Game History!

In short; Playable Works Of Art _or_ Art You Can Play With!!


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