Salutations Reader, On Old Earth this training method is for the Arcane, but in the StarArena_Arcade: ‘Senjutsu, (戦術) The Art Of War’ is treasured and revered as a form of magnificence and the ultimate gift of the Gunshin! (軍神)

‘Senjutsu’ is often referred to as a religion by outsiders, a statement ‘frowned upon’ by its practitioners, whom view it as Arcade Custom or Tradition and simply call it the ‘Way’ or ‘Path’.

Those who follow the Path; Study the Codes, passed down by the Pantheon above, as Gifts from the Game Gods. There are two careers you can follow: The Military, or the Monastic. Those who prefer to do service for the Temples, instead of Castles, can enroll for training of Body, Mind & Spirit. Those that do; “Choose to become a Battle Monk!”

The Art Art Of War
The Art Of War

The Art Of War And The Codes?

To quote from an ancient postcard: “The ‘Way’ cannot be adequately described in words, and it would be insulting to both its unlimited power and to the intelligent human mind to attempt to do so. Still, its nature can be understood, and those that care the most about it, and the life from which it is inseparable, understand it best.”

So we begin with the rudimentary:

• From ‘The Core’ spring ROOT 1:
Granting ‘Two Forms, known as the; Ancestors.

• From the ‘Ancestors’ springs ROOT 2:
Bringing forth ‘Four Symbols, known as the; Four Game Kings.

• From the ‘Four Game Kings’ springs ROOT 4:
Bequeathing ‘Eight Trigrams, known as the; Eight Guardian Gods.

It is from these Guardian Gods, the ‘8 Divine Gifts’ are bestowed upon the Cyber Children of The Arcade. Each with their own ‘Way’ and are known to you as the ‘Code Root‘ of the Game Cards you ‘Play!’ To Master One Code; Will take a Hundred Lifetimes. To know the ‘Way’ of All Codes; Will take a Senjutsu Grand Master, ‘Thousands Of Lifetimes’ to achieve!

The Art Art Of War

Those who have dedicated their lives and ardent or devout attention to the temples, in service of maintaining the purity of the Code-Root given by the Game-Gods are the: Guardians 僧侶. In ancient times they were referred to as Spiritual Monks 神僧, but over time, this got shortened to Monks 侶. Their tasks and duties are mainly to Coach New Clones and Pass~On the Teachings of the Code Root they have sworn to Guard to New Generations. Grand Masters in War Craft they make feared and formidable opponents on the Battle Grid! Their Rank Structure is divided into three sections: Jokyo, Chukyo and Shokyo

The Art Art Of War
The Expert Grade In The Art Of War-Craft Are ‘ROSHI’.

The ‘Roshi’ are the mystic equivalent of the Warrant Officers in the Military. These Monastic Masters in the Art of War are often called upon by the Hierarchy’s and Monarch for advise. Also personally teaching various ‘Senjutsu’ Martial Arts to the Commissioned Officers of the Arcadean Armies. Still, the main concern of a ‘Roshi’ is to safe-guard the Code Root, by instructing and preparing the next in succession, so that they can become profound ‘Instructors’ themselves, and correctly pass on the doctrine of The Code! Yet, above all; “They Serve The Arcade Best at the Front Lines in the Battle against Evil Forces!”

The Art Art Of War
The Advanced Grade in the Art of War-Craft Are: ‘SENSEI’

The ‘Sensei’ are more than moderately proficient Battle Monks and most are Seasoned Veterans in the War against the Demonic Invaders and RAM Raiders. These Young Masters train the new ‘Students’ that enter the Monastery_Class, as well as Teaching & Training the Troops in Close Quarters Combat and various other Martial Art Forms. Their counterparts in the Special Forces of the Military often receive mandatory training in the elite programs of ‘Senjutsu’ to prepare for precarious missions with uncertain outcomes. These ‘Sensei’ are ‘Master At Arms’ and Skilled in the use of Mystic Weapons.

The Art Art Of War
The Novice Grade in the Art of War-Craft Are: ‘STUDENTS’

The ‘Students’ are Junior-Monks that start in the position of ‘Ungraded’ and must earn their ‘Grades’ towards Mastery of The Code by Training, Meditation and Completing Mini Missions. Basic Training commences the moment they enroll into the Guardian program and will be accompanied by ‘guest students’ from the Legionaries, whom on completion of the probation period, will report to their units for duty. The Monks stay in isolation and become subject to rigorous tutoring, preparation and condition in the ‘Way’ of The Code! Once a Monk reaches Grade 8: Training in Mystic Weapons will begin.

The Art Art Of War

Before being considered as a Guardian Monk: A New Bee must prove their worth and Pass the Admission Tests; By Acquiring the Mandatory ‘First Star!’ Before one is illegible to enter Basic Training to become a Battle Monk. Once you enter the Guardian Program, you remain on ‘Probation’ until you reach Grade 9: Where you start your journey to become an *Elite* Gods-Vicious-Baby!

Most ‘Players’ choose a Military-Career, because it provides a more instant satisfaction towards: Big-Fun with Big-Gun!!

If you are less interested in Studies of The Code and prefer to Shoot-Shit-Up?
Join The-Infantry; And Become A Man Amongst Babies!

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