Who Is The Gunshin In the Arcade?


Who is the GunShin in this Pantheon?

Salutations Reader, So; Who is The Gunshin?
Imagine you took a wrong turn; While you were looking for salvation and expected to enter an Utopia? You ended up in a Warriors World and got drafted for Military Service and find yourself at the front lines of battle against ‘Uglies’ crawling out of deep cyber space, about to invade the Arcade!

And there you are, conscripted to the Cyber Infantry of the Arcade, among rows of other lost souls that operate a battle clone. Fresh out of boot camp one day ago and transported to the outer rims of the Star Arena; All neurons are screaming you are in a bad situation! While the Squad Sergeant barks out the order to keep eyes front and hold the line, you want to do the reverse… But suddenly you catch a muttered phrase that cocks your ear, catching on quickly down the troops in the forefront …And moments later you chant along in the ranks and files with throat ripping roaring repetition: Who Is The Gunshin!?

There is something soothing to the rhythm of the chant and you get your first taste of camaraderie. Your scare has become a stare, keeping eyes front while the mind wanders off to a few days back at the barracks. Remembering some book smart recruit reciting words he found on the war web; “Gunshin has a double definition, 軍神: God of War; War Hero“.


For some reason this sparked a heated conversation! Although it more like resembled; Bar Talk on the edge of a Brawl! Which, besides the silent minority, are presented by the usual opposing camps of Fanatics and Skeptics. The believers will gladly tell you about; How the ‘Touch of the War God’ will give you super strength and make one invincible in battle! As others argue; Such tall tales are just the hallucinations of battle fatigued operators and shell shocked soldiers. While those who keep aside, determine that to be a Hero is simply; God Like.

Picking apart the cleverly constructed recruitment slogan; Become A God Amongst Babies!
“Anyone can become The Gunshin!”

Who Is The Gunshin?

The ‘OYAGAMI’ Are The Ancient Ancestors.

The Gunshin is the life giver and the death dealer within the Arcade. This Chief Deity is the Kernel, that brought forth this MetaVerse. From ‘The Core’ _i.e. Code Root_ spring forth the innumerable opposites, represented to us by the Empress and the Emperor. When these Grand Parents of all Gods Vicious Babies need be awakened and have to make an appearance on the Battle Grid; The State Of Affairs Within The Arcade Has Become Dismal And Dire!

*It is in every bodies best interest that these Oldies remain in a state of slumber…

Who Is The Gunshin?

The ‘SHI-TENNO’ are the Four Game Kings!

From the ‘Two Forms’ spring forth the ‘Four Symbols’ know as ROOT 2. These are the eldest governing bodies that rule the Star Arena, know as the Four Game Kings! On the sharp edge of past and future, these celestial Kings battle in the perpetual present to uphold the purity and principles of the old. These Titans concern themselves with the Status Quo Ante of the Star Arena and are quartered in the Cyber Citadel. These inner rings holding the gateway to the Aethernet, are a ‘MiniVerse’ centered in the massive MetaVerse and subject to a different Code of Conduct.

*Beware; The Wrath Of these Kings will be befall all when invaders breach this region.

Who Is The Gunshin?

The ‘SHUGOSHIN’ Are The Eight Guardian Gods.

From the ‘Four Symbols’ spring forth ‘The Eight Trigrams’ know as ROOT 4. These are the Youngest of Gods in the Pantheon. These Guardian Gods have fortified positions within the Harmonic-Ring of the MetaVerse and are the powers that be, All Armies do Battle and hold Banner for the ‘Shugoshin!’ As Outer-Guards that protect the gateway to the Aethernet, these Young Gods are tasked with raising and maintaining an Army. For centuries they have perfected the production of Atomic Baby Clones and it is for this reason these Infants of the Arcade have received the nickname of Gods Vicious Babies.

*Slightly more forgiving to failure, troops will not be decimated when the MetaVerse is breached.


Above is the working ‘Core’ of the StarArena_MetaVerse and Inner Sanctum of the Arcade. Within the Harmonic Ring that holds the 64 Hexagrams are the domains of the Game Gods! The ‘Shugoshin’ rule these dominions as an Octarchry, being a state or government by eight rulers. They protect and serve their elders the ‘Shi-Tenno!’ These Four Heavenly Kings hold position in the innermost circle, the MiniVerse and Sanctus Sanctorum of the Star Arena, where they rule absolute as an Tetrarchy and protect the gateway to the Ancestors in the Aethernet. When you manage to surpass all the Titans on your quest, you will then face the Gunshin! Thus far, none have ever come close to surmounting the impossible.

So we need not venture further and explain the inner workings of the ‘CORE’ at the center of the Arcade! Other than paint the picture; “The Core emanates a Code of bright light, and much like a campfire out in the wild, in the middle of the night, my cyber child, will attract ‘bad elements’ from far out of sight!”

The Mega War of 2520.

The cost of centuries of MetaVerse outward expansion into the unknown corners of this virtual world has come with a price to pay; Continuously keeping the Creepy-Crawlies and Dark Demons that arise out the dark underbelly of deep cyber space, seeking to consume the Core, at bay!” Your job as a Clone Operator is to; Hold The Line, Protect The Core and Kill These Bastards!

Who Is The Gunshin?

Combat Regions And Battle Arena’s

On the Map above you can see that the MetaVerse is divided into Octants. Each of the Divisions is ruled by a Monarch, chosen by the Game-God of that Dominion as the Marshal of the Army. Outside the Harmonic Ring, begin the Outer Arenas, like lands surrounding a castle, stretching from here to darkness! On the edge of civilization are the eternal battlefields, known as ZONE 6 or the Virtual Wastelands. Uninhabitable because of the constant breach of invaders and your home on Doom Patrol!

According to lore; The Star Arena.network is one of the last remaining Arcade’s and a refuge for humans wanting to escape the barren earth on her last breath. In an act of desperation, these soon to be lost souls seek Sanctuary in this among the destitute described Cyber Utopia.

Only to find out that in their disillusionment of despair, events had led them to believe anything. The harsh virtual reality they entered in search of peace, is in fact a Warriors World in continuous conflict with Agents of Chaos! The only way they get to stay; Is to earn their citizenship and sign up for the Cyber Infantry and battle these dark and evil forces!

By design the Star Arena was originally a Battle Simulator to train and test Cyber Soldiers of the future, but over the course of a few centuries has become a self governing ‘Stratocracy’ under eternal ‘Martial Law!’ The meek may inherit the earth? But in the Star Arena; The Weak Shall Suffer A Fate Worse Than Death And Only The Strong Survive,Thrive And Live The Luxury Life!

If you think you have what it takes to become a Gunshin?

This Could Be Your Future: Join The Infantry, Become A God Amongst Babies!

Or; Turn Back! …To Never Return?


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