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The shortest way to explain Modifiers is to say they are Sub Card Rules that alter basic battle conditions. In essence; Mods are extra ‘Command Lines’ added to the Software that prompt ‘Actions’ in card battle when activated. Knowing how to use Software Modifiers will certainly strengthen your position and bring you Victory in Card Battles and Tournaments!

  • Software Modifiers

The ‘Magic’ of the Modifiers is hidden in the ‘Color-Bars’ found in the ‘Card Function’ text box of the Software. The Modifier Bars’ correlate with the Color Code of Software Types; Red shows it is Offense Software and so on…

The Modifier on the card shows its Name, the actual ‘Command Lines’ are generally published in the textbox upon introduction. After a few publications the workings of a Modifier is assumed to be Common Knowledge and released with name only. If you find yourself in an argument on how a Modifier is to be played? Consult the Official List below!

ACTION-DOUBLERallows you to double the value of your dice after they are thrown and start your game turn.
ADD ACTIONSenables you to add the “given value” (on the game card) to the thrown dice for additional actions in your game turn.
ANTI-HACK… [edit] …
AVOID… [edit] … When the Player meets all conditions; It lets you ‘Avoid’ a situation.
BEGIN-OF-TURNmust be played at the ‘Begin-Of-Turn’ game phase, which is when you receive the dice and before you roll for actions.
BROWSE DATA-BASEallows you to Search your Attack-Stack (Deck) for a specific-card and send it to hand. Play at End-Of-Turn.
BROWSE-SERVERenables you to search your hand of cards (in the server) and replace the ‘name’ card with another one into play.
COUNTER-ATTACKactivates a reversal of roles: the Defender takes over the battle phase (or the turn​*) and becomes the Attacker.
DELETE CARDSFollow instructions of Card Script.
DANGEROUS TERRAIN?Follow instructions of Card Script.
DAMAGE X DICEenables players to multiply the value of their rolled dice by the damage specified on the game card for ranged hit(s).
DISABLE SW-CARDSenables a player to hack into an opponent’s “Life Line” and deactivate all SW cards they have in play.
DISK-DOUBLERdoubles the disk space of your Active-Hero card in play, thereby doubling your download capacity and battle value.
END-OF-TURNmust be played in the ‘End-Of-Turn’ game phase, which occurs before passing the dice to the next player in rotation.
HARD-INSTALLallows the Contents of these game cards to stay in play until the Hero or Host Device is retired from operations.
INTERRUPTenable​s you to step out of the situation and ‘Interrupt’ an attackers game phase and nullify the action without damage.
JAN-KEN-PONrequires participants in a card battle to play “Paper, Scissors, Stone” to determine the winner.
LIMITED-USEindicates the game card is downloadable and for use by a certain Battle-Class only as specified by the pictograms.
MISS-A-TURNthe end result of the game card is that the target player(s) must miss one or more game turns and get passed over.
NEXT-CARDS X2activates a Power-Doubler for the next cards that follow during card battle until the fight and game turn ends.
ODDS & ENDSthe activation is decided by the roll of a dice, similar to the toss of a coin. Odds is “No” and Evens is “Go”.
PEEK-A-VIEWallows you to preview the top card(s) of your opponent(s)’ deck(s) in order to gain strategic insight for a next fight.
PLAY-IN-SEQUENCEgenerally generates a whopping Triple Damage Payout when played neatly one after the other in a card battle.
PLAY-THAT-TUNEcrossover card modifier with Dutch-Gems that generates extra battle power when you meet the requirements on the card.
RANGEallows for the subtraction of battle damage caused by ballistic weapons over a specified range and/or distance.
RANGE X DICEsimulates a game of chance with randomly generated range shots. Play card and roll dice; No Hit, means End of Turn.
REBOOT (HW)allows you to retrieve one or more (X) Hero card(s) from your trashcan (discard pile) and return them to your hand.
REBOOT-SERVERenables you to refresh your hand in a game by drawing 8 new cards from the top of your attack stack and shuffling your deck.
STAY-IN-PLAYallows the game card to remain in play for the duration specified on the Mod Bar. It is discarded when it expires.
SUDDEN-DEATHgenerally comes into play at a critical stage. No more cards may be played and the battle is decided then and there.
SWAPallows you to return your active Hero Card to your hand and replace it with another card during battle.
is a counter-attack add-on that enables you to seize control of the entire game turn, including its remaining actions and winnings.
TARGETspecifies which player(s) will be affected, as described on the game card. Follow instructions of the Card Script.

The complete list up to date of the year 2020, since then no new Comics & Cards have been published. When production starts up again; More Card Codes will undoubtedly follow and added to the Modifier list and game play. You can view some of the golden oldies in action below…

Over the years Card Functions have been a breeding ground for heated Logic and Semantic arguments at the table tops. Trust you me; I’ll be the first to admit that writing Card Functions is not as easy as it looks. If anything, I’d rather be drawing and not concern myself with the Coding of the Software, leaving it to others. However; That is not how things work in a One Man Factory. If you have any grievances about; Cards, Codes, Copy, Semantics, Script, Syntax or even Subtext? Mail me:

Or post your Question(s) or Suggestion(s) on the StarArena Forum and see if we can ‘Improve’ the game cards together? Possibly lifting the ‘Spirit of The Card’ to its full potential…

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