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A few explanatory words; All Game Board variants in the StarArena are Collectively called Maps! With the successful development of the Miniatures and to portray the ever expanding MetaVerse during the centuries leading up to the Mega War of 2520 we present a new type: Arcade Maps!


Arcade Maps cater to the Abstract War Game aspect and create Adventures that can be played over great distances. In the years leading up, the pinnacle point has always been the Arena Games. A Card Battle platform that centers around an inter dimensional tournament where the Winner Takes All! We now proudly bring you Arcade Games.

Within the StarArena® Game System each new component or expansion comes with a Rule Set and game play is chopped up into Game Stages. So when you Collect And Combine Them All; Every Product Is Part Of One Record Breaking Mega War Game You Can Puzzle Together!

Game BoardTypeLevelsRulesDesription
Arcade1MAP2D Checkered Battle Grids
To Maneuver Minis Over
When On A Mission.
ArenaMultiROC3D Multi Leveled
Card Battle Platforms.


These Arcade Games enhance the feeling of going out on an Adventure or a Mission. Most missions are battle SIM scenarios (small stories) where tactical troop movement is essential to the outcome of your assignment. Whether you play in a group of Single Players (Operators) in a cooperative mission? Or when you Marshal an Army (Commander) against that of your opponent in a battle of wits and strategy; Both depend on your ability to read the terrain or domains and Move your Minis to Victory!

The main difference between Arcade & Arena games is as following: Arcade Game Battles are decided with Minis, whereas Arena Games are decided by Card Battles! Ultimately the Arcade Maps are a Mini Only Stage in game play, unless you reach a Section (Mini Arenas) on the Map where it is otherwise defined, for example: Defeat End Boss (in Card Battle) To Continue!

In short; Arcade Maps are about Massive Miniature Battles!


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