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Game Coins are an essential part of Game Play and without them you have ‘No Chance In Hell’ to make it to the next level and onward!? Battle Clones can be seen as Coin Operated War Machines, without coin; You wont be able to ‘Coin-Up!’ and improve the Battle Moves of your Miniatures… Or; Pay your Way into a Death Match where the Winner Takes All Treasure to invest on New Game Gear!

The Game Coins _alongside all Hardware and Software_ are Gifts from the Gods to their Cyber Children. That is to say; A Clone Body, Battle Tech and a Soldier’s Pay. With the Chief Deity of The Arcade a War-God or The God-Of-War: All Cyber Citizens are Conscripted to the Stratocracy.

Even though the StarArena® is considered a Warriors Paradise in cyber space; Lazy Leisure Land it most certainly is NOT! Arcadean ‘Registered Users’ are mandated to do their ‘Duty’ at all cost:

“Protect The Core!”

The Universal Currency for The Arcade are Core Coins, which are compatible with all Cyber Clones and StarArena® Game Devices. Tall tales told in taverns mention these; Yellow Coins are ‘minted’ by The Gunshin himself. And are what is believed to give them their power… Others are just mesmerized by their glow and dream of owning them all…

Whatever your believes; Beware of your Coins! For the Spoils of War go to the Victor!


Not knowing how detailed you read the Compendium? …One at least needs to be aware there are Eight Clone types!. Which correspond with the Eight Codes as well Gifts of Gods that surround and Protect the Core of the StarArena®. Each with distinct Elemental Code and manufacturing process of Battle Clones that perform best within their Dominions or Natural Terrain.

Aforementioned Game Coins are Regional Currencies within The Arcade which ‘Hyper Boost’ the Code Root of the corresponding Battle Clones. Keep following the articles below if you want to know more about how: Coin Ups Improve Your Battle Moves!

Code is Law !! Protect The Core !!

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