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This article aims to explain the importance of the Miniature Base Set and how they are interwoven into the full fabric of the Star Arena Game System. The Base Set encompasses the complete army under command of the Game King or otherwise Young God; ‘You, The Player!’


Within The Arcade: The Hero you play is a Cybernetic Clone. Your Game Clone is a Host Body for installments of individual Brain Scans and Mind Uploads onto a Quantum Cerebrum. Once your ‘Upload’ is installed onto the Cyber Brain; You can operate your chosen Hardware from the available Battle Classes.

These Devices come in several Shapes and Sizes, following a Archetypal Hierarchical structure presented on the Battlefield as StarArena Miniatures. The most common and well known are ‘Infantry Class’ low stature War Babies depicted as Pawns on the game board(s).

Hardware Cards Are Host Devices

Setting aside the Technological-Evolution made over the centuries on how to Operate your Clone? We focus on the year 2430. By this time; A Players Commitment to Clone or Emergence in the StarArena MetaVerse is split into Partly or Permanent. Part Time ‘Warriors’ follow Copy-And-Upload protocol (Uploads for short) and need to keep their original Human Form in maintenance. A costly endeavor and widely contested for more than a century until the legalization and passing of the Quietus Law.

Finally the biological restrictions are void and Permanent residence in Cyber Space is possible via the Copy-And-Delete brain scan protocol. Permanent Uploads are commonly called Ghosts.

Once your Brain Scan is uploaded into the as a Registered User, you can easily transfer to another Clone. That is to say; To another Game Clone of your desire or suitability within the same Battle Class. This because Hardware Types are NOT interchangeable and Cards are linked to Minis, something to keep in mind when Collecting Cards & Deck Building.

The Point is; You need to know your Hardware from your Software and firmly Familiarize Yourself with the Battle Classes. So it comes down to; What Cards & Minis do you want to play?

Choose wisely!


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