The ‘Why & How’ These Babies Are Bad-Ass!!

Salutations Readers, At this moment in time I am in between two opposites. On the one hand I had planned to be drawing ‘Comics & Cards’ in this period, but ended up spending all spare time in erecting this much needed New-Website!

Instead of complaining about the situation, I have set out to combine the two opposites and meet somewhere in middle: By Reviewing My Old Notes!

  • The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

Because of an earlier article I posted regarding: Where Do I Start A StarArenaGame? …I went through my Sketch-Books to check-up some facts of fiction and happily discovered I essentially had not deviated from the original-concept(s over the years and kept the set course. For those who have not noticed the dates on the pages yet; This Notebook is from Summer of 2013 and the ideas within still hold ‘true’ to this day.

The Word: *Holo-Port* within StarArenaGames is synonym for Start a/o Home. But soon after also became an Active-Verb. Within a few Game-Turns, skeptical new-bees towards the Cyber-Fiction setting, were ‘Holoporting’ all-over the Game-Board like nobody’s business!

For over a decade, the mechanics behind ‘Holoporting’ remained unexplained. That is until; I put some effort into it and realized it could be explained via the: “Cyber-Core! The Energy-Source of the #AtomicBabyClones _And All Other Lifeforms In The Arcade, be they; Man, Machine or Monster!_ introduced in an earlier sketchbook.”

  • The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

The Reboot Of Game-Characters.

Once it was established what made the #AtomicBabyClones; Go-Go-Go! Other remaining ‘Open-Questions’ in the backstory got to be resolved like the successive televised tumbling of Domino-Stones; One-After-The-Other!

One such fact, not specified in the notes is: These War-Babies are Bio-Mechanically engineered. Making them suitable for mass-production and marketable for Military-Companies in the business of making profit on mass-destruction. Much to the dismay of commercial conglomerates, the Clone-Army industry is not a Open-Market enterprise and the Contract was given to the Black-Smith of the Game-Gods!

Even so, Commercial-Licenses have been granted and High-End Sport-Models are available, sold to consumers as Game-Clones! Which have lead to the widely broadcasted Tournaments in several Leagues. But these upgrade-able models with infinite accessories come with a penthouse price-tag and are way above the heads of us common pedestrians!

The short route to becoming a Clone-Operator is to Enlist with the Armed-Forces of The Arcade. Serve the Common-Wealth, patrol the Virtual-Wastelands and defend against invading RAM-Raiders.

  • The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

Becoming a Clone-Operator in service of the common-wealth of The Arcade will give you a (Short) Lifetime of Action, Adventure and (Bad) Memories!

Here are some of the things not mentioned at Recruiting-Stations and omitted from Recruitment-Forms: You are promised a Pain-Free (physical) experience when operating a battle-clone. But neglect to tell you that the main-strain is on your brain and the majority of cadets wash-out of basic-training on mental-health issues.

That is; If You Opt For The Full-Package!? The most thrilling immersion is achieved by a: ‘Neuro-Connection’ with the Battle-Clone! Skipping all the secondary-devices to remote control and operate your unit. Or Go-Big with a complete ‘Brain-Dump’ onto the Dual-Disk-Drive of your Clone-Unit.

When this is taken to the extreme, gamers opt to discard their human remains. The latter ‘Technology’ is what makes the StarArena_MetaVerse into a coveted cyber Sanctuary; In The Not Too Distant Future.

  • The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

Also ‘Holoporting’ around in Secure and Quarantined areas is Safe and Carefree! The Battle-Zone in which you Operate with your Unit runs the risk of being Contaminated with all kinds of Corrupt-Code. Once these start to nestle in your Bio-Hardware, ‘Holoports’ can lead to ‘Mutations’ in the Key-Code of your Battle-Clone.

Read the notes: ‘Holoporting’ is based on the principle and process of Modulating & Demodulating (Break-Down & Build-Up) of your Unit from One-Location to Another. When your Key-Code is compromised; You Might Come Out A Little Different Than How You Started Before The ‘Holoport!?

This is how Veteran-Fighters show their wear & tear! Minor mutations are seen as a rite of passage and give your clone character. But when arriving back from a ‘Holoport; Always Cover Your Six and see ‘Who’ or ‘What’ comes behind you!?

Need To Know!!

The #AtomicBabyClones are almost ‘indestructible’ and 90% of body-parts are ‘Interchangeable!’ Allowing you to Customize your Clone to your hearts desire! If you can afford the cost with coin!? Except for your: Cyber-Core & Cyber-Brain!!

  • The Inner-Workings Of Baby-Clones.

The Virtualization of Toy-Baby-Heroes!

At the end of the notebook it was time to come to a conclusion and the ‘Secret-Recipe’ for the Trademark-Characters is revealed on the above pages in Ink & Color by my hand; For All To See. Earlier in life the big-jump was from TAG to TOY. Historically this TOY is ‘Virtualized’ _on the above conception-date of entry_ and Copied Millions Of Times into what we now know as the Clone-Army of The Arcade. Or so the whispered story behind the Cyber-Saga goes?

You read it here first, so it must be true!
Anywho; This is the premise on which the plots are build, hope you like?

Next-Up: #AtomicBabyClones, Army-Divisions & Types.

Do you want to ‘Access’ more Art-Work? Become a Big-Daddy; “Over 10 years of notebooks and more Unedited-Artwork are available for Patrons-Only at: Patreon.com/StarArena

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