Operating A Battle Clone Made Easy!

Salutations Reader, this will be the last in a series of Concept Artwork reviews by your humble narrator and creator of the Star Arena. This time around, we will be getting into: “The Evolution Stages Of How To Operate Your Battle Clone Through The Ages?”

For those who missed out on the backstory; The Star Arena was proclaimed to be a Cyber-Utopia and refuge among the last earth walkers of a dead planet. When the last humans sought Sanctuary in The Arcade; They were confronted with the choice to ‘Join The Army’ or leave and try finding a future elsewhere.

For what the desperate did not know was; That the Star was by Origin and Design, a Battle Simulator to ‘Train and Test’ Cyber-Soldiers. And through the centuries had become a self governing ‘Stratocracy, that was in a state of ‘ceaseless’ martial law.

To become a ‘Registered User’ and gain a ‘License of Citizenship’ to this Virtual World. One would have to do ‘Military Service’ by Patrolling and Guarding the borders of The Arcade, against Invaders, Raiders or Something Way Worse!


What Operating A Battle Clone Turned To…

In the early 22nd Century, all this was still Fun & Games; Battle Clones were Operated far away by Remote and Risk Free! While technological advancements tend to spiral out of control, the common use of ‘Bio Mechanics’ had to wait a few generations to take its place in Pop Culture. With the advent of: Bio Modems, the first true immersion factor arose! Making Star Arena the ‘Go To’ Arcade.

This was because a ‘Neuro Connection’ allowed for hands free operation of your Battle Clone. ‘Sensations’ became optional and could be turned: On or Off! Never before was the slogan: No Pain? No Gain! So widely used in Game Play!

Operate Your Battle Clone, Turns To Become One!

Come the turn of the 24th Century, a new option surfaced on the horizon, with a rather crude nickname: Brain Dumps! With this new trend: Cerebral Scan Centers become common enterprises and with it the birth of the ultimate escapism from the bleak and dying earth. The commercial conglomerates push for approval of the ‘Electronic Euthanasia Act’ legislation of 2332. *

Basically this allowed Companies to discontinue life support and dispose of the human remains left in their care, by a Gamer that opted for ‘Eternal Life’ in The Arcade.

Once this hurdle was passed, ‘Brain-Scan’ services became bountiful and marketeers competed and advertised with slogans like: “Sick Of This Shit? Opt Out And Transfer To A Game Clone In The Arcade! Where You Can Be A Gladiator, Or At Least Die Trying In A Blazing Glory!!”

Little did they know, during the 25th Century, this ‘Battle Simulator’ would become one of the last havens for humankind. Until the Grand Battle of 2520 was about to appear on the timeline and all Cyber Citizens & Soldiers come to face the ‘Worst’ that the Dark Underbelly of The Web has to offer!!

*The ‘Quietus Law’ passes after 100 years of heavy campaigning and billions flip the switch.


The StarArena Stories mainly take place in the last century and rise of the Mega War in the Year 1.2520 H.E. on the Arcadean Calendar! Where Players undergo rebirth in glory, gladly become one of ‘Gods Vicious Babies’ and proudly Hold Banner in Battle for their Game Kings! Join The Ranks!!

For me personally; “My Journey Feels Like It Is Only About To Begin!?” With these few reviews I wanted you, the reader, to catch a glimpse of the War-Stories to come. I have spent the last five years getting prepared and was mainly focused on Research & Development of the Pre-Production Prototypes of Game-Boards, Maps, Modems and Minis!

Now that ‘that’ is done! Drawing Comics & Cards should be Crazy-Fun!!

Follow The Footnotes For: Lore And More!

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