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This article is an attempt of demystification of the StarArena® Back Stories. In various corners of the internet you can come across the soundbite made by your humble narrator; “The Dream Is To Quit Carpentry.” Which could give you the impression I dislike doing Wood Work? This would be an ‘untruth’ and as a matter of fact; I had the perfect balance in my life. Making Coin as Carpenter and working on the Game Design in between jobs or down time. One way of putting this creative act is; Working On My Hobby. We could amp it up and define it as; Answering A Calling. Or have it more pronounced declaring the artist is; Fulfilling One’s Vocation. In truth, I simply savor the Sanctuary of Solitude and telling Stories that Never Happened. Therefore; Creating Lore And More!


* Stepping into the nineties ANGEL started drawing and developing his Trademark Characters on a quest for immortality. Something that felt as a natural progression or evolution for this teenage tagger entering his twenties. Together with his Baby Brothers, they devised the ultimate plan to reach unlimited coolness and forever kingship: Converting ones TAG into a TOY!

How To Build Lore And More?

If I actually knew how to answer that? It might not have not taking me that long… So I guess the proper response would have to be: Persistence. The illustration above was made during Christmas of 1992 at Studio TBH-Q and is an early milestone on the road to now. Earlier that year, sketches appeared in that same black book that would lay base for the Baby Terminators we now know as the Atomic Baby Clones. The ABC spread represents the Fountain of Creation in the Baby Universe that over the years has become the StarArena MetaVerse.

In other words it serves as a Spring of Inspiration and gave a Sense of Direction on where I wanted to take my story. Other than that it has taken me years of exploration and climbing out of pitfalls to build the Story Design and Game World piece by piece.

Only to reach a new starting point some thirty years later…

Truth be told; I Had No Clue What I Was Getting Myself Into!

But you have to start somewhere… And it all begins with the first baby step…

The project that got the train on the rails were the designs for the War Babies and Battle Modes. The Atomic Baby Clones are created to be Alphabet Warriors and battle Evil Forces in cyber space. These Character Designs lead to the development of The Card Game & The Board Game.

Little did I know it would take a multitude of disciplines to study, develop, comprehend and master to make a game by yourself. But since I passed the point of no return ages ago; I Puzzled The Pieces Together Year By Year, Getting Ready And My Ass Into Gear!


Meanwhile, this ‘Lore and More’ article aims to be a ‘Bridge’ to the main ingredients of the narrative design in future War Stories. On face value they might be rough and could use a rewrite into a polished game bible. Instead; I would rather invest my time elsewhere. So I will leave them as raw reference material for personal use and for those who want to dig deeper. Even though the devil is in the details, another saying springs to mind; Publish or Perish!

In other words; Time To Stop Sweating The Small Stuff And Get To Work!

Do I Need To Adjust My Dream?

As for the raised issue in the intro; I really would have been content funding my Hobby with Coin from Carpentry. As I continue to work on StarArena® as a Creative Outlet on my own terms without the pressure of the public, publisher or under contract for a corporation.

But, as it turns out; I don’t age gracefully. Becoming abundantly clear these passed few years. Being a Wood Smith has left significant ‘Wear and Tear’ on the body. So much so that currently your humble narrator might be forced into an early retirement without a financial parachute.

So, even though I love the logic of building and working on high quality interiors. I may; Have to “Quit Carpentry” anyway? The ‘Goal’ remains to run StarArena® as a Creator Owned Project. Yet, the slogan could use an amendment; “The Dream Is To Earn Coin As A Game Smith!”



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