Salutations Reader, This article is to sound off a new treat in the menu bar: StarArena Notebooks! To create a Card & Board Game and a fitting Story Design;It Takes A Couple O’ Hundred Or Thousands Of Hours To Make It Come Together!

These unedited personal notebooks each contain 42 Spreads (84 Pages) of extensive notes and sketches on all fronts of game development! This ‘Organized Chaos’ is made available for Patrons Only!

Those who have looked a little deeper in the archives, will know that I suffered a severe carpentry injury some ten years or so ago. I managed to lose the use of both arms from shoulder to wrist and was confined to quarters with painkillers for months. Then began the slow road of rehabilitation and these notebooks were my salvation. Unfit for work and at home, I reacquainted myself with a lost love. Drawing helped me regain dexterity. This would lead to the Regeneration _create again_ of the Star Arena.

The ambition of this website is to create a Compendium and provide concise information about the various Games that take place in StarArena_MetaVerse. The tone of voice aims to be sharp and to the point in matters relating to story design or game play. In short; Being All Business About It And Cut The Bullshit! The more Personal approach can be found on the other website:

The StarArena_Compendium starts from the 2010 New-Genesis line in time of Story Design.

NOTEBOOKs and blackbooks

Abridged Curriculum Vitae:

How we got to this point? In the interest of conveying what is under the New Genesis line? Here is; The closest thing to a Bio you will ever find me writing. In the ‘Eighties’ I was a kid who passed his time with Voluntary Defacing Public Property. An undocumented era from which I have nothing left in possession, nor do I care, besides my Nom De Guerre! Come the ‘Nineties; I entered my twenties and Vandalism started making way for Designer Violence and I began Drawing Comics with my best mates. These pulp publications featured the imaginary escapades of ‘our’ alter ego’s and were based on two Amsterdam Graffiti Crews: The Baby Hype (TBH) and Gods Vicious Babies (GVB). This period can be classified as: Comics, Canvasses & Tea Shirts.

In 1995 drawing comics was deemed to be a dead end. A new project was started that became the base for The Card Game and the Atomic Baby Clones! Two years later, in 1997 a Game Board was added and from this point onward the game got its name: Star Arena!

Closing The Gap

We, Three Baby Heroes entered the nineties full enthusiasm and shared a dream to convert our TAGS to TOYS! By the time I started drawing the Atomic Baby Clones as War Machines, a rift appeared in the crew due to creative differences and One Baby pulled out of the project. With the remaining Baby I shared a Graphic Design Studio, for a few years short of a full decade, but we dissolved our business just before the turn of the century and went our separate ways. And then there was just the One…

Things Never Go As Planned?

I kept the Studio afloat till the end of 2004 while still working on the game, ending up running on fumes before pulling the plug. Throughout my whole career, Wood Smith & Drafts Man went hand in hand. As an extension to Decors or Interior Designs I used to do. At some point Woodwork won out and it was the easier way to make money and earn a living. Between 2005 and 2010 _practically_ no drawings are recorded and my love for it ebbed away. Until I crossed paths with the Queen Bitch of Repetitive Strain Injuries and I ended up out of commission or income for a short year that never seemed to end!?

A dark period that forced me to evaluate choices made and redefine my ambitions! At first passing time in the notebooks was a pleasurable distraction. After a while, I envisioned a new Sandbox for my Trademark Characters to play in and started rebuilding the Story Engine for Star Arena. Meanwhile building a new Graphic Studio we now call the War Room!

Ten Years Of StarArena Notebooks

Like I mentioned in the Mission-Statement;
“I Have No Other Ambitions Than Designing & Drawing A ‘Kick-Ass’ Cyber-Battle War-Game!”
These Notebooks and Reviews give a unique perspective into the Game Development of an entire Cyber Fiction universe, granted to Patrons who Support The Game! The complete collection provide the foundation of future Comics & Cards. Be adventurous, have yourself some fun and open;

Notebook 01



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