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In the year 2020, Star Command launched their first Seed Probes into Cyber Space for Exploration and Colonization. The short explanation is that these ‘Self Replicating Servers’ take ‘Root’ in dark matter of the meta numerical and expand. The AI contained in the probe starts building a Mini Base and Connects to the wireless network of The Arcade. A Probe becomes a Node immediately after connecting to the Main Game Server or more specifically: The Core!


Once the Game Server is connected to the Network: Troops can instantly hopscotch to this Point in Cyber Space. At Hyper Intergalactic Speeds… Standard procedure is to send ‘Bombers’ to the new Outpost for; Defensive Measures and Reconnaissance of the new Star System.

Meanwhile the Seed Probe runs its Program and Replicates; Launching Multiple Copies into various directions of Cyber Space over time. This Process keeps repeating itself Over and Over! Now; Imagine how far the StarArena.Network reaches after five centuries of colonization just before the Mega War of 2520?The Core is hereby essentially Omniscient!

Champions & Challengers.

Taking into account; Not all Probes survive hostile environments or have been taken out by Competing Networks or Cyber Civilizations. Even so; Hundreds of thousands active Game Servers remain afloat like buoys in a Cosmic Ocean connected to The Arcade.

Most are mere _unmanned_ outposts to relay Personnel & Materiel to far away conflict zones. Others have evolved into energetic settlements on trade routes to bigger colonies inhabited by various species of Man, Machine or Monsters.

Be they Warrior by Duty, Pleasure or Leisure? The majority of these Out World Denizens partake in local Arena Games seeking Treasure! From which most have ambitions in entering StarArena® Tournament Matches or seek Victory and Sanctuary in a Grand Battle Royale.

Explaining the wide variety among the steady flow of Contestants from all Code, Color, Creed and Corners of Cyber Space! This cornucopia of creatures is what makes the StarArena.Game a wet dream for; Designer, Player & Collectors for years to come!

Who Is The Gunshin?

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