Salutations Reader, the answer is; Yes We Do!! Here follows another review of Concept-Artwork by your humble narrator and creator of the StarArena. In an earlier article about the Inner-Workings of the #AtomicBabyClones, a hint was given about; From Whence They Came? The Black-Smith of the Gods, produces these Vicious-Babies that are Bred for Battle. And as everybody should know by now; To become a ‘Registered-User’ of the StarArena and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of a Cyber-Citizen of The Arcade? One Must Complete A Minimum Of One-Tour In Military-Service To Earn Your Sanctuary Into The MetaVerse! So there is a ‘life’ waiting for you after the Army! But what to do with yourself? Therefore this; Introduction of the Battle-Leagues!


The Foundation of Battle-Leagues.

After counting down the Harmonic-Cycles to the Discharge and end of your minimum Service-Time to receive the desired ‘License-of-Citizenship’ to The Arcade. The day has finally come to hand in your ‘Battle-Unit’ to the Quarter-Master of the Ordnance-Corps; You Are Now Without A Game-Clone!!

While you are in The Army: Materiel, Maintenance, Upgrades, Upkeep, Weapons & Ammunition’s are issued and distributed among the Troops when Needed or Available.

When you are a Civilian, All ‘Clone-Costs’ are for your Personal-Account! In the Commercial-Sector; Body-Parts and Upgrades don’t come cheap! This is why your Squad-Sergeant ‘warned’ you not the squander ‘Coin’ on leisure programs on R&R. Long story short; This is why so many‘s Re-Enlist! Because when the euphoria of freedom wears off, coin & credit drop to zero and boredom sets in… Most realize; Free Bullets and Shooting ‘Shit’ Up, Is A Whole Lot More Fun, With An Arcade-Issued Gun!

Yet, let us not forget; In a Stratocracy ‘each’ civilian remains on Call for Duty! So owning and maintaining a Game-Clone in Combat-Condition is essential. The Status Quo in The Arcade is always: Para Bellum!

Civic-Boredom Leads To Battle-Leagues.

Not getting into long winded details about the Leagues, we simply acknowledge their existence and the nature of its origin; In a Virtual-World packed with Warriors, Fighting is simply the Favorite Pass-Time! With the Commercial Facilitation & Exploitation of Arena-Tournaments; The Cyber-Civilians keep their Combat-Edge and can ‘earn’ Crazy-Coin when Victorious!!

In the images above, you see definitions of: WET and DRY Clones appear on the pages. ‘Dry-Cloning’ is considered the Industry-Standard within the StarArena_MetaVerse.

  • Obsolete_Cloning-Process

Before There Was Ever Mention Of Battle-Leagues!

As can be found in the Black-Books of 1992: ‘Wet-Cloning’ was the Original-Concept behind the creation of the #AtomicBabyClones! This process was excruciatingly time-consuming and needed ridiculous large facilities to produce a really small amount of 1st Generation-Clones.

Due to ‘Catastrophic Failures’ in the Atomic-Silos, and even several escapes of these Test-Tube-Babies, this method of cloning was deemed highly unstable and inefficient. This process was soon abandoned and marked as obsolete, with the advent of ‘Dry-Cloning’ opening up the market for the much needed mass-production of the War-Machines.

To-Be-Honest; These reviews of the Concept-Artwork, are done in a state of preparedness, of getting my brain ‘soaked’ in the Story-Design of the StarArena Game! Without giving away too much of the future Story-Line, and is therefore purposely allusive. What I can tell you; I Have Tons Of Infantry-Cards To Draw And We Are Years Away From Getting Into The High-Performance ‘Sports-Models’ In Detail!!

So I will end the article here…

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