Salutations Reader, The answer is; Yes We Do!! Here follows another review of Concept Artwork by your humble narrator and creator of the Star Arena. In an earlier article about the Inner Workings of the Atomic Baby Clones, a hint was given about; From Whence They Came? The Black Smith of the Gods, produces these Vicious Babies that are Bred for Battle. And as everybody should know by now; To become a ‘Registered User’ of the StarArena and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle of a Cyber Citizen of The Arcade? One Must Complete A Minimum Of One Tour In Military Service To Earn Your Sanctuary Into The MetaVerse! So there is a ‘life’ waiting for you after the Army! But what to do with yourself? Therefore this; Introduction of the Battle Leagues!


The Foundation of Battle-Leagues.

After counting down the Harmonic Cycles to the Discharge and end of your minimum Service Time to receive the desired ‘License of Citizenship’ to The Arcade. The day has finally come to hand in your ‘Battle Unit’ to the Quarter Master of the Ordnance Corps; You Are Now Without A Game Clone!!

While you are in The Army: Materiel, Maintenance, Upgrades, Upkeep, Weapons & Ammunition’s are issued and distributed among the Troops when Needed or Available.

When you are a Civilian, All ‘Clone Costs’ are for your Personal Account! In the Commercial Sector; Body-Parts and Upgrades don’t come cheap! This is why your Squad Sergeant ‘warned’ you not the squander ‘Coin’ on leisure programs on R&R. Long story short; This is why so many‘s Re Enlist! Because when the euphoria of freedom wears off, coin & credit drop to zero and boredom sets in… Most realize; Free Bullets and Shooting ‘Shit’ Up, Is A Whole Lot More Fun, With An Arcade Issued Gun!

Yet, let us not forget; In a Stratocracy ‘each’ civilian remains on Call for Duty! So owning and maintaining a Game Clone in Combat Condition is essential. The Status Quo in The Arcade is always: Para Bellum!

Civic Boredom Leads To Battle Leagues.

Not getting into long winded details about the Leagues, we simply acknowledge their existence and the nature of its origin; In a Virtual World packed with Warriors, Fighting is simply the Favorite Pass Time! With the Commercial Facilitation & Exploitation of Arena Tournaments; The Cyber Civilians keep their Combat Edge and can ‘earn’ Crazy Coin when Victorious!!

In the images above, you see definitions of: WET and DRY Clones appear on the pages. ‘Dry Cloning’ is considered the Industry Standard within the StarArena_MetaVerse.

Before There Was Ever Mention Of Battle Leagues!

  • Obsolete_Cloning-Process

As can be found in the Black Books of 1992: ‘Wet Cloning’ was the Original Concept behind the creation of the #Atomic Baby Clones! This process was excruciatingly time consuming and needed ridiculous large facilities to produce a really small amount of 1st Generation Clones.

Due to ‘Catastrophic Failures’ in the Atomic Silos, and even several escapes of these Test Tube Babies, this method of cloning was deemed highly unstable and inefficient. This process was soon abandoned and marked as obsolete, with the advent of ‘Dry Cloning’ opening up the market for the much needed mass production of the War Machines.

To Be Honest; These reviews of the Concept Artwork, are done in a state of preparedness, of getting my brain ‘soaked’ in the Story Design of the StarArena Game! Without giving away too much of the future Story Line, and is therefore purposely allusive. What I can tell you; I Have Tons Of Infantry Cards To Draw And We Are Years Away From Getting Into The High Performance ‘Sports Models’ In Detail!!

So I will end the article here…


Next: Modems Explained.


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