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The Game Decks are directly related to the Game Gods that rule over the MetaVerse on behalf of the; GunShin, (Star Arena Chief Deity)軍神! All Game Cards Are A Gift From The Game Gods, beginning with the Youngest of Immortals in the Pantheon; ShugoShin. In general; The Older The God, The Stronger The Card! Rumor has it; Ancient Cards Are Banned!? This section is about the roots of Ordinal Cards.

The Eight Game Decks below are comprised of Old & New, the Older Cards are the Cardinal Cards and the younger four decks draw breath as the Ordinal, named so due to their position on a compass in the Arcade. Each ‘Octant’ represents ‘One’ of the Army Divisions; Card Decks, Colors or Codes, gifted by the Guardian Gods to help aid in the battle against Evil Forces that lurk in deep Cyber Space.



The first appearance of the Ordinal Cards occurred in a design boost between 2003 and 2005 as Support Cards to the Primary Cards; As the Classic Decks were called at the time. At first these were only Software Cards, to thicken the library without too much effort. They were free for all multipurpose and created for general use between all decks and this over time earned them the name: Auxiliary Cards.

Unintentionally this created a rift in the Card Library due to the social association of Primary & Secondary. Even though the Auxiliary Decks held the strongest Game Cards, snob elites considered them trash for plebs and pariahs. In hind sight, the fact that Aux Cards were homeless or had no place where they hail from, caused this unbalance. Something that did not get rectified until 2015 with the MetaVerse Game Expansion.

The 2015 StarArena MetaVerse Game Expansion

History is hard to erase! Even though the Equilibrium is restored in The Arcade by adding another defensive ring to fortify the Star Arena, housing the Younger Gods and expanding the Game Board from 4 to 8 Dominions… Giving each Deck a place of origin! The nature of these Decks remains unchanged.

As a residue of a Primary position in history; Cardinal Cards have a Low Compatibility with other Decks. Due to their position on a compass, the Inter Cardinal, otherwise known as Ordinal Cards have a High Compatibility with other Game Decks and reveals their supportive characteristic or trait. Each of the ‘Octants’ is an Army Division and bring forth a specialism; The Brown & Grey Decks are themed after Hard & Software and bring forth Mechanics & Engineers.

In short; Understanding the Cards is where Deck-Building begins!

The Cardinal & Ordinal Colors, Cards, Codes & Winds!

The MetaVerse game board is the ‘Stronghold’ of the StarArena and home to the Younger Gods collectively known as the ‘8 ShugoShin’ (Eight Guardian Gods).

The bisected quarter regions, divided into eight equal dominions of the cyber realm for each Guardian; Provide a protective cordon around the Cyber Citadel and hold a Garrison of each Color and Code to defend the Common Wealth of The Arcade against Evil Forces.

North 北 (Cardinal)
The ‘Aero’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘FuJin

North East (Ordinal)
The ‘Ferro’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘KonJin

East 東 (Cardinal)
The ‘Pyro’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘Kajin

South East 南東 (Ordinal)
The ‘Necro’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘RaiJin (AkuJin)

Cardinal & Ordinal Cards

South 南 (Cardinal)
The ‘Terra’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘ChiJin

South West 南西 (Ordinal)
The ‘Rocca’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘Iwagami

West 西 (Cardinal)
TheAquaDominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘SuiJin

North West 西 (Ordinal)
The ‘Cosmo’ Dominion and Protectorate of Guardian ‘ChuShin (ZenShin)


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