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In this series, we will discuss the main characteristics and traits of each Shugoshin and their separate territories. We will continue with Iwagami (岩神), the second Titan in the Harmonic Cycle and the protector of the Brick Dominions. The Rock God draws and emanates power from the Rocca Trigram in their relentless crusade against evil forces.


The fixed position on the compass for the Brick Guardian is South West (南西) while thriving in the Early Winter (初冬) season. Iwagami presides over Rocca terrains as part of an Octarchy, which refers to a group of eight states or kingdoms. In terms of status, they are known as the Lower Tribunal and are set in place to keep the equilibrium. Collectively, the Eight Guardian Gods are responsible for mass producing the War Machine that protects The Arcade against demon invaders. Individually, they construct specialized weaponized Battle Units that are most suitable for particular combat conditions and challenging terrains in cyberspace.

United They Stand, Divided They Fall

What sets Iwagami (岩神) apart from the other Young Titans is the Green Code that courses through its circuits and domains. Rocca is a branch of the Code Root, closely associated with Sand, Stone or Mountain, representing solidity and steadfastness.

Each an embodiment of the Trigrams, these eternal Young Gods flaunt and taunt each other with their Colors, claiming superiority. Ongoing sibling rivalry and banter that trickle down to the Troops result in regular inter-divisional Tournament Matches to measure dominance.

Even so, in day to day operations, most Army units are a mixture of different Battle Clones to maximize effectiveness. While pride for their own Division may tower above all else, it cannot contradict the code to Protect The Core. Operators need to be part of Complementary Divisions or Units in order to strengthen the outcome of a campaign or mission. Never mind where you did your base training or which banner you hold?

“All Operators Battle For Survival Of The Arcade!“

Wherever their deployment or station may be, the Eight Shugoshin each hold a Stronghold in the outer Octants of the MetaVerse. Those who fight for King and Castle are sworn to defend the Dominions of their benevolent benefactors and their progenitors.


The Children Of Iwagami

Centuries of cloning perfection, result in the War Babies of the Mountain God performing optimally in Petrological Terrains and Domains. The Elite Units of Iwagami within the Rocca Arena genetically modified soldier program and ultimate Rock Operatives are the Mechanics.

However, tipping the scale towards Optimal Performance in one place puts them at a Disadvantage in the opposite polar position. The pursuit of creating the ultimate Atomic Baby Clone is an ongoing research and development endeavor among the Game Gods.

As such, many variations of mission specific and experimental Game Clones are also contained in each of the Card Libraries. Your Job is to Pick the Right Cards to Build Your Attack Stack!


*Replace Artwork: Next Phase

You can use your Rocca Coins to buy Upgrades and Build yourself a better Battle Clone acquired in Card Combat. Whatever your strategy; It’s best to get in the mindset to pull the trigger and destroy the demons head on! The Arcade is flying the ‘Bloody Red’ and no quarter will be given!

The Mega War of 2520 is a Grand Battle Royale about Survival or Damnation.
Rocca Operatives hold banner for the Arena Division!

“Make Your Baby Brothers Proud!”


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