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The StarArena MetaVerse is our Prestige Platform and Table Top Expansion* to play the final Battle Royale in the Mega War, with the survival of all cyber citizens at stake; Save Our Souls!

* Game Expansion: To Be Played With StarArena Classic & The Card Game


The MetaVerse _when sold separately_ is a multi player upgrade to the StarArena Classic board game. It can sit 8 Teams of two players or 16 Players entering The Arcade as PMC‘s. These solitary Contractors are the Champions and Challengers that have secured themselves Sanctuary in an out world training match and have Earned a Ticket to the Big Leagues to Collect Coins and Kick Ass on a larger scale! Before we proceed any further, we must make clear that there are Two Types of Multi Player Massacre And Mayhem Mega Battle Modes: Regular & Legend!

Legend: Grand Battle Royale

You are Deployed in a Cooperative Adventure amidst the Mega War of 2520.
The Arcade is Under siege and you must help Defend the MetaVerse against invading forces that crawl out of the dark underbelly of Cyber Space. These games are Asymmetric Warfare where Champions and Challengers teleported to the StarArena start at the Top and Protect The Core from Demon Scum fighting an Uphill Battle and Attack the Sanctum Sanctorum!
(Arcade vs Demons)

Regular: Tournament Matches

You are Conscripted as a Clone Operator or Commander in Divisional Match Ups.
These games are set in the timeline before the Grand Battle Royale and follow the age old credo; If You Want Peace, Prepare For War! These Matches range from full scale Military Exercises to ‘Free for All’ Arena Battles you are already accustomed to; Champions and Challengers fighting in a larger Colosseum for the Grand Prize and Collect Coins!
(Arcade vs Arcade)

Either way:
Whether you play Symmetric (Arena Rules) or Asymmetric (Mega War) games? The take away here is; This Is One Big Ass Table Top Game Board! With Plenty Of Room For Bad Ass Battles Of Epic Proportions!! If you play with Arena Cards? Make sure you; !! Protect The Core !!


The StarArena MetaVerse

Is a Highly Ambitious project that supersedes all previous plans to create the Ultimate Table Top Game! Sure to satisfy the expectations of the Gold Geek standard, when properly presented and played in the right type of locations: Board Game Bars and Cafes!


The simple fact is: No Child can ‘Own’ One of these Mega War Game Boards!? Due to the production costs brought forth by: Size, Manufacturing, Assembly, Transport and Delivery of a Custom Made Tournament Table Top!

Ideally a Small Business owner will order a Luxury Deluxe Tournament Table _or a Store Away & Display Wall Mount Version_ for their Game Cafe. Giving the kids and immature money spending grown ups in their region; A Place to Gather, bringing their own Decks and Minis and Battle!!

Until those orders for the New & Improved Tournament Tables come rolling in? This remains an unseen Dream for both You and Me! Therefore, the Game Board you see above remains a single production and serves as a Mother Board for Game Development and further Story Design.

The StarArena

If we break down the 4th wall and deconstruct the fantasy: The Games you Play at Home, are Trainings Matches on duplicate Game Portals to prepare you for Winner Take All ‘Dead or Alive’ Card Battles in the authentic StarArena® situated at the center of the MetaVerse. According to lore, the 4 Game Kings hold dominion at the Cardinal Winds of the Inner Sanctum.

If you are honored with an invite to the Sanctum Sanctorum of The Arcade and fight under the watchful eyes of the Game Gods? You’d better bring your best Card Deck ever… With some well trained Gladiators and perform Memorable Mayhem or face an unforgettable Gruesome Defeat!!

Once you step into The Arena, a question need be answered; Whois The Gunshin? 軍神?

The MetaVerse

The _bigger_ MetaVerse game board is the ‘Stronghold’ of the _smaller_ StarArena and home to the Younger Gods, collectively know as the ‘8 Shugoshin’ (Eight Guardian Gods). Equal to The Arena it cradles: The MetaVerse is A Strategic Multi Leveled Rotating Table Top Board Game, with the one exception; It is an Expansion and cannot be played without the StarArena center.

This Second Arena embodies the balance of energies in The Arcade and is the battleground and fortress of the Divine. Please note: When the Map of this alternate universe is depicted, it is shown in ‘Perfect Alignment!’ Much like an analog watch frozen at 12 O’ Clock. When the wheels of time start turning; So do the Board Levels! During game play, the Map turns into Color Chaos and makes it that much harder to navigate to the Core!

You must excel in Battle and read Code: To Survive Dead or Alive!

The Harmonic Ring

The third component, originally designed as a decorative Wall Mount base to Store Away the Game Boards when not in play, is now an integral part of the Table Top in the Tournament Table version. The Harmonic Ring serves as border to the surrounding Arcade Maps and threshold to the Cyber Citadel. The outer protective ring has a full Garrison of Battle Clones per Color or Code to safeguard the Main Arenas against uprising Evil Forces.

Back in 2015, when designing this Mega Game Board: Battle Classes were limited to the Classic (2 x 8) formation of the Game Pieces at the time. Therefore it states in the table above the outer ring contains a lower amount of magnets _as was the standard in 2016_ than needed nowadays.

Currently the Full Army formation is Shogi (3 x 9) and the design documents have been revised. With the Magnets for other game functions, the total amounts to: 304 Lodestones used in the Harmonic Ring! So rest assured; No Miniature Will Fall Unintentionally While You Wage War!


A Mega War Game At This Table:
By Far Exceeds Any Game Slogan You Have Ever Heard, Read Or Played Before!


Read more about: The Arcade

Deep Dive: MetaVerse Notebook


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