Become A God Amongst Babies!!


Military-Ranks & Insignias In The Arcade.

Salutations Reader, This article is about; “How to Climb the Ranks and Become A God amongst Babies.” First, let me, your humble narrator; Frame The Setting Once More.

The StarArena_MetaVerse is a ‘Virtual World’ where the remaining inhabitants from earth, wanting to escape the barren planet, in the not too distant future, seek ‘Sanctuary’ in the hope to find Peace & Freedom in this rumored Cyber Utopia.

The Harsh Reality is that the was developed as a Battle Sim; Emulating conditions on Terra-Firma, to ‘Train & Test’ the Cyber Soldier of The Future. Unless you like to gamble away your life, and think you can be Victorious in an Open Tournament for the Prize of Sanctuary? The Only Way to become a ‘Registered User?’ Is to do Military Service and earn a ‘License of Citizenship’ by defending the borders of The Arcade.

How The Ranks Are Divided Into Sections.

Below are the ‘Eight Guardian Gods’ that govern The Arcade from the Aether Net, Reigning as an Octarchy above their Dominions that you must Safeguard, In Service of one of these Titans.

The Arcade is a: “Stratocracy under Ceaseless Martial-Law!” Because a new Cyber Attack is launched on the Common Wealth, by innumerable Techno Terrorists or Digital Daemons, every five minutes or less. Making the Marshal, the Military Leader of each Color & Octant, the Commander in Chief by Proxy of their Dominion and each Civilian can be Called For Duty! *Each Color Has Their Own Code!

The Game Gods have transferred Sovereignty to their Master Generals, formally known as: Marshals. They Rule as Monarch over an ‘Octant‘ of the MetaVerse and are responsible for the welfare of the Dominion with its Cyber Citizens and the Operatives they Ward. Each Army devout to do Battle and Hold Banner for their Heavenly King. The Highest Rank you can ‘achieve’ in the Arcadean Army.

In contrast of what the history books of old earth portray; “Generals in The Arcade are not found behind their troops, but rather Lead The Charge and are known to be the Fiercest of Fighters!” The Rank of General is earned on the Field of Battle, together with ability to Complete-Missions and lead the Regiments to Victory! Once you become one, you enter the Battle Class of Hierarch and receive the ‘Highest’ Bio-Upgrade a Game-Clone can be Awarded for their service, Worthwhile to your Ambitions!

These Field Grade Officers are Regimental Commanders. Which together with their Secondants, belong to the ‘Clergy’ Battle-Class and when promoted; Receive a High Class ‘Bio Upgrade’ to their Game Clone that will distinguish them as Mystic Leaders and Veterans on the Map played. To reach this Rank: Your Knowledge of Mystic Weapons and Maneuvers must ‘match’ your Fighting Fortitude and be Measured in Multi Kills of Massacre Proportions with Outstanding service to the Temples and Code!!

This is where Battle Classes stop being ‘exclusive’ to specific Ranks. Company Commanders can be found across all the Military Branches and ‘are’ what keeps the War Machine in Fighting Condition. These Ranks can be obtained by a fierce display of Battle Mettle, Leadership and Crispy Clean Conduct of The Code! Once Promoted to this Position; Your Body Armor will be Upgraded to New Levels of Battle Tech and Accessorized, Befitting An Officer In The Front Lines!

Officers are always Valued-Targets and not easily replaced. These Battle Units are Fast Tracked from Star Cadet _A Regular Grunt in Boot-Camp_ to the idolized Apprentice Officer position, because they presented great promise in tactics. An honor to be Chosen for the program; But Hell to Endure!! For these Cadets must work ‘Twice or Thrice’ as Hard to ‘reach’ the set requirements, because Battle Command cannot afford Soft Leaders to face the Evil Forces that crawl out of the Dark Underbelly of Cyber Space.

The Ranks in this section are scarcely distributed and Hard Earned by War Veterans that know not only Victory? But have ‘Suffered & Survived’ Defeat! The knowledge these ‘Grand Daddies’ of the various Military Branches posses, makes them Valued Advisors to the Commissioned Officers in the Field of Battle surrounding the Cyber Citadel or Off World Campaigns. Each of the Chiefs are ‘Specialists’ and must never be misjudged by the Youngsters. To achieve this rank; You must become an Old-Warrior!

Well on their way to becoming Old Warriors, but far from retired and still in Active Service. These Lifers are still ‘On Top’ of their game and carry their Chevrons in Honor! For they display a Distinguished Career that can only be achieved by a long standing service record with impeccable scores and commitment to The Code! Color Sergeants (WO2) and Sergeant Majors (WO1) are best described as: “Bad Ass Diesel Drinking & Blood Pissing War Machines You Really Do Not Want To Fuck With!!”

This ‘Serving’ section is ‘Indispensable’ in the ‘Day To Day’ On Going Battles inside The Arcade! The Sergeants simply are the proverbial ‘Mortar in the Brick Wall’ that is positioned around the Cyber Citadels to ‘Defend’ the StarArena_MetaVerse from Invading Forces. When you promote to this Rank; It is clear you Value the Lives of your fellow Battle Clones and understand that bringing them back to Data Base, with Low Maintenance Issues, makes your ‘Combat-Unit’ stronger for the Next-Battle!

The members in this section are the Aid or Assistants to the Sergeants. These Junior Non Commissioned Officers have ‘Seen & Been’ in multiple Enemy Engagements and have a firm understanding of CQB, which is essential when on Patrol in the Trenches of the Virtual Wastelands. Corporals are the Team Leaders when the ‘Platoon’ or ‘Squad’ is split up into smaller Units or Fire Teams. Fresh Meat on the Battle Field should; Follow the directives of these Seasoned Fighters carefully!

Congratulations Soldier! You have become a certified Clone Operator and you start at the ground floor, like everybody else before you! Now that you successfully went through Boot Camp, deployment to a War Zone is almost instantaneous and you will see Action; Very Soon!! Your job will be to ‘KILL’ as many ‘UGLIES’ as you possibly can! And; Get Your Ass Back To Data Base In Preferably One Piece!! Once your Service Record shows experience and potential; You may put in for transfer to Special Units.

Welcome Recruits, Much like how Babies are Born into the world, every career in The Arcade, starts in the: INFANTRY! Basic Training is designed to Teach You How To Operate your Battle Unit in the most efficient manner and to get you out on Patrol; As Soon As Possible! Your Glorious Journey Starts Here:

To Become A Clone Operator, You Must ‘PASS’ Boot Camp and ‘EARN’ Your ‘First Star’ And Change Your Mortal Construct Into A Lean & Mean Cyber Soldier; Fit for Fighting in the Infantry!!

NOTE: The above ‘Epaulets & Chevrons‘ are for Ceremonial Attire Only! When deployed; You will be wearing your Field Ranks. Below is how they will appear on your Heads Up Display.

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