Become A God Amongst Babies!!


Military-Ranks & Insignias In The Arcade.

Salutations Reader, This article is about; “How to Climb the Ranks and Become A God amongst Babies.” First, let me, your humble narrator; Frame The Setting Once More.

The StarArena_MetaVerse is a ‘Virtual-World’ where the remaining inhabitants from earth, wanting to escape the barren planet, in the not too distant future, seek ‘Sanctuary’ in the hope to find Peace & Freedom in this rumored Cyber-Utopia.

The Harsh-Reality is that the was developed as a Battle-Sim; Emulating conditions on Terra-Firma, to ‘Train & Test’ the Cyber-Soldier of The Future. Unless you like to gamble away your life, and think you can be Victorious in an Open-Tournament for the Prize of Sanctuary? The Only-Way to become a ‘Registered-User?’ Is to do Military-Service and earn a ‘License of Citizenship’ by defending the borders of The Arcade.

How The Ranks Are Divided Into Sections.

Below are the ‘Eight-Guardian-Gods’ that govern The Arcade from the Aether-Net, Reigning as an Octarchy above their Dominions that you must Safeguard, In-Service of one of these Titans.

The Arcade is a: “Stratocracy under Ceaseless Martial-Law!” Because a new Cyber-Attack is launched on the Common-Wealth, by innumerable Techno-Terrorists or Digital-Daemons, every five minutes or less. Making the Marshal, the Military-Leader of each Color & Octant, the Commander-in-Chief by Proxy of their Dominion and each Civilian can be Called-For-Duty! *Each Color Has Their Own Code!

The Game-Gods have transferred Sovereignty to their Master-Generals, formally known as: Marshals. They Rule as Monarch over an ‘Octant‘ of the MetaVerse and are responsible for the welfare of the Dominion with its Cyber-Citizens and the Operatives they Ward. Each Army devout to do Battle and Hold Banner for their Heavenly-King. The Highest-Rank you can ‘achieve’ in the Arcadean-Army.

In contrast of what the history-books of old-earth portray; “Generals in The Arcade are not found behind their troops, but rather Lead-The-Charge and are known to be the Fiercest of Fighters!” The Rank of General is earned on the Field of Battle, together with ability to Complete-Missions and lead the Regiments to Victory! Once you become one, you enter the Battle-Class of Hierarch and receive the ‘Highest’ Bio-Upgrade a Game-Clone can be Awarded for their service, Worthwhile to your Ambitions!

These Field-Grade-Officers are Regimental-Commanders. Which together with their Secondants, belong to the ‘Clergy’ Battle-Class and when promoted; Receive a High-Class ‘Bio-Upgrade’ to their Game-Clone that will distinguish them as Mystic-Leaders and Veterans on the Map played. To reach this Rank: Your Knowledge of Mystic-Weapons and Manoeuvres must ‘match’ your Fighting-Fortitude and be Measured in Multi-Kills of Massacre Proportions with Outstanding service to the Temples and Code!!

This is where Battle-Classes stop being ‘exclusive’ to specific Ranks. Company-Commanders can be found across all the Military-Branches and ‘are’ what keeps the War-Machine in Fighting-Condition. These Ranks can be obtained by a fierce display of Battle-Mettle, Leadership and Crispy-Clean Conduct of The Code! Once Promoted to this Position; Your Body-Armor will be Upgraded to New-Levels of Battle-Tech and Accessorized, Befitting An Officer In The Front-Lines!

Officers are always Valued-Targets and not easily replaced. These Battle-Units are Fast-Tracked from Star-Cadet _A Regular Grunt in Boot-Camp_ to the idolized Apprentice-Officer position, because they presented great promise in tactics. An honor to be Chosen for the program; But Hell to Endure!! For these Cadets must work ‘Twice or Thrice’ as Hard to ‘reach’ the set requirements, because Battle-Command cannot afford Soft-Leaders to face the Evil-Forces that crawl out of the Dark-Underbelly of Cyber-Space.

The Ranks in this section are scarcely distributed and Hard-Earned by War-Veterans that know not only Victory? But have ‘Suffered & Survived’ Defeat! The knowledge these ‘Grand-Daddies’ of the various Military-Branches posses, makes them Valued-Advisors to the Commissioned-Officers in the Field-of-Battle surrounding the Cyber-Citadel or Off-World-Campaigns. Each of the Chiefs are ‘Specialists’ and must never be misjudged by the Youngsters. To achieve this rank; You must become an Old-Warrior!

Well on their way to becoming Old-Warriors, but far from retired and still in Active-Service. These Lifers are still ‘On-Top’ of their game and carry their Chevrons in Honor! For they display a Distinguished Career that can only be achieved by a long standing service-record with impeccable scores and commitment to The Code! Color-Sergeants (WO2) and Sergeant-Majors (WO1) are best described as: “Bad-Ass Diesel-Drinking & Blood-Pissing War-Machines You Really-Do-Not-Want-To-Fuck-With!!”

This ‘Serving’ section is ‘Indispensable’ in the ‘Day-To-Day’ On-Going Battles inside The Arcade! The Sergeants simply are the proverbial ‘Mortar-in-the-Brick-Wall’ that is positioned around the Cyber-Citadels to ‘Defend’ the StarArena_MetaVerse from Invading-Forces. When you promote to this Rank; It is clear you Value the Lives of your fellow Battle-Clones and understand that bringing them back to Data-Base, with Low-Maintenance-Issues, makes your ‘Combat-Unit’ stronger for the Next-Battle!

The members in this section are the Aid or Assistants to the Sergeants. These Junior Non-Commissioned Officers have ‘Seen & Been’ in multiple Enemy-Engagements and have a firm understanding of CQB, which is essential when on Patrol in the Trenches of the Virtual-Wastelands. Corporals are the Team-Leaders when the ‘Platoon’ or ‘Squad’ is split-up into smaller Units or Fire-Teams. Fresh-Meat on the Battle-Field should; Follow the directives of these Seasoned-Fighters carefully!

Congratulations Soldier! You have become a certified Clone-Operator and you start at the ground-floor, like everybody else before you! Now that you successfully went through Boot-Camp, deployment to a War-Zone is almost instantaneous and you will see Action; Very-Soon!! Your job will be to ‘KILL’ as many ‘UGLIES’ as you possibly can! And; Get-Your-Ass Back To Data-Base In Preferably One-Piece!! Once your Service-Record shows experience and potential; You may put in for transfer to Special-Units.

Welcome Recruits, Much like how Babies are Born into the world, every career in The Arcade, starts in the: INFANTRY! Basic-Training is designed to Teach-You How-To-Operate your Battle-Unit in the most efficient manner and to get you out on Patrol; As-Soon-As-Possible! Your Glorious Journey Starts Here:

To Become A Clone-Operator, You Must ‘PASS’ Boot-Camp and ‘EARN’ Your ‘First-Star’ And Change Your Mortal-Construct Into A Lean & Mean Cyber-Soldier; Fit for Fighting in the Infantry!!

NOTE: The above ‘Epaulets & Chevrons‘ are for Ceremonial-Attire Only! When deployed; You will be wearing your Field-Ranks. Below is how they will appear on your Heads-Up-Display.

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