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Please Note: The most Neutral way to Name a Deck is by Color! As I aim to make clear below,
this section is about: Color Compatibility! Also; Color Combo or Deck Check for short…

Knowing Your Cards is essential to deck building a Victorious Data Base! In the days of yore, when playing the Classic Cards; All decks were ‘Rigid’ and One was only allowed to play Own Color. This game mechanic has evolved over the years and in today’s game; Multiple Card Combinations are possible…

Within the ‘Star Arena Game System; Combining Cards is done by Two Way Authentication!’ In the chart below you see two examples given, namely: Aqua Hardware (Blue Clone Cards) and Aqua Software (Blue Code Cards). Doing a Deck Check is nothing other than checking the outer ring in the top left corner of your card! When the ring is 1 Color; It can only be combined with that 1 Color. When the ring is divided into 2 Sections and/or Colors, that card can be shared among the Two Decks of given colors.

Skipping ahead, when the Outer Ring is divided into 6 Sections and/or Colors, there are 6 Combinations possible: Own Color + 5 Other Colors! Understand this? Then you can start building your Game Deck!!


Turning on the Back Story and Flavor…

All warriors that participate in the Star Arena, inherently partake in a class of Senjutsu! For All Life in the virtual world is a gift from the Game Gods in the form of Hardware & Software. These being the Cards you are dealt, have in hand and play with your friends; To Prepare For War! Or, play against your opponents; To Obliterate The ‘Evil Bastards’ From The Table Top in Card Battle!

While pride and commitment to Own Color and Code is a given and encouraged, so is; Harmony among your Brothers In Arms whom do Battle for The Arcade. To strengthen this bond and appease the Game Gods, regular Inter Divisional Battle Sims are requisite; To learn each others strengths and weaknesses. In essence; Para Bellum!

To clarify and make sure you learn the correct way…

When a Hero Card contains a 3 Color Combo ring in the top left corner of the game card, this means it can always use Own Color + 2 Extra Color Software Cards. Within the Warrior World of The Arcade it is then said and understood; That Character has 3 Degrees of Mastery in the Code-Root!

Below you see an Aqua-Operator also skilled in: Aero + Pyro Tactics.


So what you want in your Deck are skilled and trained Hero; Senjutsu Code Masters,
able to add Multiple Color Code (Software!) Cards to your Hero during battle.
The more Codes your Heroes (or Outlaws) Master; The More Cards You Can Pick Up And Play!

Mind you; It has been told for centuries that Only the Gunshin can Master All 8 Codes!
Can you prove them wrong?

Color Compatibility works both ways, on the other end of the spectrum, when you see a Software Card with a 6 Color Combo: This APP can be used by its Own Kind or Color + 5 More.


Here we tend to use the phrase: Easy Accessible Software or Code.
These type of Code Cards are mainly general purpose Shareware and don’t
require a high level of skill or mastery to bring into play. As a rule of thumb:
The More ‘Pure’ The Code Is? (Low or No Color Combo) The Higher The Pay Out!!

Multi Color Deck Building…

As seen in the Header of this article: Hardware Combos are also possible in your Deck!
In a way, you can say they show Allegiance. But more importantly this is where the true nature is revealed of Cardinal & Ordinal decks and making combinations like you see below, will give you a higher rate of Success during Missions when playing on Maps!


Firstly, broadening your Team of Operatives (as seen above) can help you maneuver and navigate through Maps more easily. Dominions come with a Color Advantage that can turn out very unfortunate for Complimentary Colors! For Example: A Blue Hero (Water 水) does not do very well on a Red (Fire 火) Map! Switching Heroes (Different Color HW) can save you from having to endure: 50% HP…

Secondly, having Multiple Color Operatives in your Deck also widens your Battle-Options!
(as seen below)


Lastly: Never Trust Your Opponent!!
Hard Rule: When You Want To Bring A Battle Option (Software Card) Into Play;
The Color Compatibility Must Match Or You Cannot Download & Activate App!!

Beware of ‘Dodgy’ downloads!

Modem Rules

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