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The Arcade is simply a Synonym for the StarArena_Metaverse. Myth tells us; The Arcade used to be one of many entertainment centers through the centuries and is now believed to be the last of its kind and serves as a safe haven for what remains of the mortals. That is; If you are skilled to vanquish invading demon scum and ‘Protect The Corefor the survival of your species!

Scattered throughout the last remnants of human and alien civilizations are Arena’s, these Game Portals give passage to the Victors in tournaments onto the ‘Main Arena’ to fight alongside the Game Gods and protect the The Arcade from evil forces that crawl out of the dark underbelly of cyber space.

Below is the main ‘Theater of War’ and stronghold of the last Arcade in the 26th century.


There Is Only One True Star Arena!

The ‘Original Star Arena’ is situated at the center of the MetaVerse and is home to the Shi-Tenno. With that said; Duplicates have been distributed among nearby digital domains and far beyond as an open invitation to Warriors from any race or creed in the multiverses to join in the battle against evil forces.

These Duplicate Arena’s are Portals to The Arcade. Champions and Challengers from any dimension can compete in tournaments and The Victor is granted passage into the Inner Sanctum, be they; Man, Machine or Monster. This accounts for the wide variety of lifeforms that can be found on the Battle Grid.

New Gladiators are needed! Yet; How many of these Game Portals have survived in time is uncertain…

The StarArena020th CenturyArenaSanctuary

Get Ready For A Battle Royale!

To the Victor go the spoils of war, in this case the Gladiators who won an uphill battle on an extended Game Portal are now transported to The Arcade and find themselves on top of the Inner Sanctum of the MetaVerse. The complete Sanctum consists of three divides that make up the Main Arena. Firstly; The StarArena as explained above ‘clicks’ into the MetaVerse and form one multi leveled Battle Arena.

The lower part is home to the Shugoshin and ‘clicks’ into the ‘Harmonic Ring’ that serves as the Base of the complete Sanctum. When the threat level outside the perimeters of The Arcade is low; Tournaments are organized to keep the fighting fortitude of all the Warriors sharp and hone their skills in close quarters battle. These spectacles are rare with The Arcade under a ceaseless siege and new Gladiators are directed to the front lines to reinforce the troops in the conflict against the Demonic RAM-Raiders.

THE ARCADEThe MetaVerse121st CenturyArenaMain Arena

The Growth Of Extended Arenas

Before we press onward it must be mentioned; The Original Code in the Firm Ware of the StarArena MetaVerse is based on an early Dynamic Platform to Train And Test The Cyber Soldier Of The Future. The Domains and Terrains were built tot test a new breed of Cyber Infantrymen under extreme conditions.

When the Military Company realized that the application would increase revenue and income in the Game Industry, Vulcan Enterprises converted the OS and started building Arcades and Coin Operated Machines sold as must have Game Clones and the ‘Ultimate in Virtual Experience!’

To facilitate a greater gaming public, the playing fields were doubled and extended with game maps that serve as qualifying rounds to the Battle Leagues and usher in the centennial celebration of The Arcade.

?222nd CenturyMap

Consumer Techno Transcendence

With the advent of ‘Bio Modems’ the sales of Game Clones went sky rocketing into outer orbit.

?323rd CenturyMap
423rd CenturyMap



?524th CenturyMapWaste Lands
?624th CenturyMapDoomed

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