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StarArena® Arcade Adventures are played on a giant Scroll Map on which you can replay many new and old Missions! This set up is intended as a Multiplayer vs Computer (Game Master) in cooperative matches, where you band together and clear the field to unlock a new level. A Game Master can write his or her own Challenges or follow Campaign Scripts and Mission Manuals.

In the back story it reads; Arcade Adventures are Battle Sims to prepare new cadets for the real deal on Mega War Maps! So expect hordes of NPC‘s in the form of Blocks & Bosses on your way to make your life miserable, while you hone your skills to become an Operator ready for War!

“Co Op With A Competitive Element: First To Reach Shrine, Takes Treasure!”

Like all StarArena Arcade Games, it follows the Shogi base rules on how to maneuver your Minis over the Map. Except for this liberating fact; You are no longer required to bring a full Army! Multiplayer Coop games are about choosing the Mini that works best for you or the Mission and place it on the Map as your Hero! …With that said; Depending on the Mission Specs?

Small Commander Coop games are also not uncommon; Where you lead a Fire Team of ± 4 Minis to achieve the strategic advantage needed to succeed in your group assignment. Either way, when you see a Checkered Battle Grid of any color? It means Move & Play the Arcade way! That is: Until you come across or enter an area marked as ‘Arena’ and the two Minis facing each other must do Card Battle to determine the outcome.

Eclectic Excellence

Any which way you look at it; These Battle Sims simulate ye olde Arcade game flavor, mixed with abstract war game Miniatures and hardcore Card Combat! Add some Beer and plenty of Gear; And you have All The Ingredients for an Awesome Game Night: Start Collecting Today!!


Game Map Dimensions: 620 x 35 x 0,1 Centimeters. (Rolled Up: ± Ø 6.6 Centimeters.)

Mega War Game

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