StarArena System


Salutations Reader,
This article aims to explain the StarArena System to those with a 10 second attention span at best? So we will give away the elephant of surprise without a fight and get straight to the point; StarArena® is the brainchild of BabyAngel in a quest to draw Kick Ass Comics & Cards.

This Cyber Fiction world is constructed to facilitate competitions for the Game Clones and as an actionable futuristic Battle platform. Let me rephrase in 10 cent words; This Sandbox was created to enhance the adventures of the Collectible Card Game. Since, …It’s All About; The Card Game!!

StarArena System

StarArena System

The StarArena® Card Game allows you to become a Hero in The Arcade, a Virtual World situated in Cyber Space. In this Cyber Fiction fantasy game you can transform yourself into a variety of collectible and crazy customizable Game Clones. To reach this Other World you travel via Modem to The Arcade; Where you enter an Intergalactic Tournament to compete.

Once you enter The Arena you must Hack & Slash’ your way to the top, claiming your Glory as a Gladiator. Those Triumphant and Victorious in Card Battle by reaching The Core can claim; Treasure, Sanctuary or become a Warrior God!

In the year 1990 your humble Game Smith started drawing his Trademark Characters currently referred to as Game Clones. In 1995 work began on The Card Game and ever since this bohemian Hobby has been expanding into the Mega War of 2520. Follow the Method to the Madness via the ‘Mini, Meta & Mega’ portals below and find out more about the StarArena System.


We Duly Swear:

All of the above is manufactured in pursuit of creating the Ultimate Manga Mayhem and Story Design for: Comics & Cards!! …Our promise to players; We will certainly ‘Not’ be bringing you a candlelight nor starlit ‘Lovey~Dovey Hand~Holding Intellectual or Emotional Journey…’

StarArena® War Stories Contain Game Gore Galore!*

*Suggested for Mature Readers.


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