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The next in the lineage leading to the Gunshin are the Oyagami, often referred to as the Ancient Ancestors. These progenitors are the first to split-off from The Core _Root 1_ and we enter the realm of Binary Opposition. As seen in their Unigrams, they represent the innumerable pairs of opposites. A duality and polarity that is ingrained in the genetic code of all Atomic Baby Clones without doubt or ambiguity.

When we have a look at subatomic level, we see that a Nucleus contains; (Electrically Positive) Protons & (Electrically Negative) Neutrons. This is not just a play pretend pretty picture about particles or a make-believe bedtime story to tell our children. At the core of each narrative and manifestation of matter, we find duality.

Keeping balance and equilibrium is what concerns the Foreparents of Gods Vicious Babies most, and each go their own way. Although both take their time and act with precision in making the First-Generation-Clones and lay the foundation of the technology.

Myth tells us that 1st Gens are a unique breed that took many decades to develop with uncertain results. Rendering the early cloning technique obsolete and archiving it as a legacy.


The ‘OYAGAMI’ Are a Diarchy.

The Gunshin is the Grand Architect of The Arcade and created the Oyagami as the Empyrean Gatekeepers to the Aethernet. Delegating tasks to his digital descendants by creating the Grandmother and Grandfather to build an army, the Hierarchy is born. Their first order of business was to build the StarArena to play/test their War Babies in competition with each other.

With this celestial event, the birth of the most mythical Battle Simulator in the meta-numerical universe marked a new epoch. Not much else is known about the Matriarch & Patriarch; Besides The Fact That They Share The Throne And Dislike Being Alone…


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