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The Card Game is the core product and ‘Heart & Soul’ of all Star Arena Games! If Hardware Cards contribute to being the Heart; Then Software Cards bring the Soul into game play! Needlessly to say, when you play; You need to know what to watch for on your Game Cards. This section will point out the key components of the: Software Card Anatomy.


These so called ‘Battle Options’ can only be activated via your ‘Hero Card’ or Host Device! Because; These type cards contain an ‘Action’ that you can play and execute in card combat. The one thing you need to take away from this is;

Software Cards have a ‘Down Load Cost: Free Space Needed To Activate The App!’


NOTE: The usage of ‘Hardware’ & ‘Software’ is Archaic and stems from the original game in 1995. With the evolution of technology as it is today, you would call them; ‘Devices’ & ‘Applications’. Your Hero Cards (Hardware) are Devices. These can store and execute Battle Options (Software) to help you further advance in card combat the same way as Apps.

An Abridged Card History.

Back in 1995 when making the transition from underground Manga Artist into the exploratory world of Collectible Games, our card structure was predominantly ‘Character’ heavy! To lift the monotone of playing Clashing Cards of Hardware only; A new card type is introduced, the very first name for these were ‘Action’ cards! They served as extensions to display special moves of the Hero Cards and enhance the feeling of Close Quarter Combat!

While our featuring ‘Trademark Characters’ transformed from Toons to the #WarBabies that they are today, it is safe to say; The groundwork is laid for the ‘Cyber Fiction’ setting of the eternal battlegrounds of the Star Arena Arcade, where all our stories take place.

By the time we added the Arena Game Board in 1997 and the Game got its forever Name: Star Arena! Action cards had become ‘Battle Options’ one had to download onto the ‘Hard Disk’ of your Avatar during a Card Fight! In 2003 the Software Card Anatomy joined the signature L-Shape layout.

Youngsters of this day and age easily refer to them as Apps, but here at ‘Star Command’ we are; Archaic, and the official term is Hardware & Software Cards (HW & SW for short.) In the big revision and overhaul of 2015 to 2017; All Card Designs Were Rebuild From The Ground Up Because Old Computer Formats Started To Show Signs Of Bugs And Needed To Be Refreshed.

In the card revision of 2020; They are made compatible with Game Miniatures!



When; ‘Battle Class Pictograms’ start to appear on the SW Cards;

Then that ‘Specific Card’ is for ‘Limited Use’ Only! Dedicated to the depicted Battle Class on the Card. These can range from non interchangeable Specialized Equipment made for Clone Units. Or APPS that give lower cards a Fighting Chance _advantage_ against Heavy Hitters.

Something you will certainly need on the battle grid, because the goal of the game publisher is:
To combine StarArena Game Cards with StarArena Minis on future Battle Maps!

So once more I will say; Best Start Collecting Today!!

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