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In this series I was more methodical in production and seriously wanted to see how far I could go before the mold would break? The Clones are no longer hand painted and the focus has shifted to lightweight transportable toy packs in full color graphics. Continuing to further explore the Art Form and press the boundaries of Toy Packaging Design.

This #War Baby_MASTER brought forth these #AtomicBabyClones:

Set_3/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #017 ~ #024/128. (Now Available!!)

Set_4/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #025 ~ #032/128. (Next Up_For Sale!!)

Set_5/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #033 ~ #040/128. (Duo Pack_Packaging In Production.

Set_6/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #041 ~ #048/128. (Duo Pack_Packaging In Production.

Set_7/ Series_B: Soldiers, Ultra-Toys: #049 ~ #056/128. (Casted in 2020/ Awaiting Packaging.

Set_8/ Series_B: Outlaws, Ultra-Toys: #057 ~ #064/128. (Casted in 2020/ Awaiting Packaging.

As always, practice makes perfect; “I was getting proficient in producing Toy Clones and able to ‘UP’ production to 9 Clones per set and decided that within each set: The 8 Base Clones go to commercial avenues and the 9th Special Edition goes to Power Patrons who have made a difference, or supported the Game Development in a Special Way, and therefore receive a Core Baby as Gift!”

Easter-Egg of Set_3/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A01. Went to: More-Color!

Easter-Egg of Set_4/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A02. Went to: Code-Master!

Easter-Egg of Set_5/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A03. Went to: Vampirella!

Easter-Egg of Set_6/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A04. Went to: King-Rhyme!

Easter-Egg of Set_7/ Series_B: Soldier, Ultra-Toy: #A05. Went to: Vandal Com-X!

Easter-Egg of Set_8/ Series_B: Outlaw, Ultra-Toy: #A06. Went to: Mark-Shape!

See The Making-Of: Toy-Series_B On

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