Boot Camp Decks


Salutations Reader,
This article serves as a prelude to later productions. After a period of Testing in the Print & Play phase, the Game Cards will receive their final edit and approval. A process that Patrons can most certainly become involved in and help make a difference into the Quality of Game Play. But more on this later, let me tell you what you need to know about the: Boot Camp Decks.

Boot Camp packs are what we use to learn New Operators: How To Play The Card Game.

These are preconstucted Card Decks that contain different Hardware Cards (Characters) in each box. For training purposes: The same Compatible Software Cards (Battle Options) are equally divided over the Colors, Codes or Decks.

The idea here is seeing how other players use the same Software Options in Card Battle speeds ups the learning curve. But know this; These are just temporary training wheels…

Once you Start Building your own Game Deck, the whole point is;
To advantageously Collect & Combine the Cards in such a way it becomes Unique & Invincible!

Available Boot Camp Decks

Some final words about the Boot Camp Decks:

The main reason the decks were created was to check the Quality of the Printers before going into production. We have several Trainer Decks laying about and we are used to the Print & Play structure. But we also wanted to provide the option of skipping the ‘do it yourself’ routine. By making it possible to order Quality Cards direct from the factory.

These introduction game decks are a mixture of Legacy Cards (Ante 2000) and New Genesis (Post 2000) preludes in preparation of what is to follow. The Legacy Cards will be slowly phased out and replaced with upgraded New Genesis versions. This will be achieved by drawing Comics that take place during the Mega War of 2520. Each Comic or War Story is a short episode about Actions, Operations, Missions or Campaigns against the Evil Forces invading The Arcade.

These War Comics filled with Manga Mayhem will be converted into Game Cards. After the set Print & Play Trial Period is over: The cards will be collected into Battle Boxes of 18 or 36 Game Cards and made available for the gaming public.

If I am any good at what I do; Over Time This Will Turn Into An Extensive Library Of War Stories.


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