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Up next are the senior Titans known as the Shi-Tenno, also referred to as the Four Game Kings. Within the StarArena® Pantheon, they are the second linear descendants of the Chief Deity and offspring of the Code Root. Bringing forth the Bigrams, an older version of the ‘Root-Code’ that formed the operational basis for today’s Gods Vicious Babies.

Each divine generation has had a hand in perfecting the Game Clones before passing them down to the next level. The Celestial Kings were not quite into mass production and kept their prototypes limited and experimental in search of excellence.

These Second-Generation Battle Clones were as raw and strong as their predecessors, displaying fierce mettle and fighting fortitude to boot. “What sets these War-Babies apart was the Four Kings’ hybrid approach to the cloning process, mixing bionic and mechanical elements.” Although far from refined, this evolutionary breakthrough in Clone Tech paved the way to mass production of the Battle Units.

Rumors in dark corners of the galaxy mention that a handful of these 2nd Gen Archetypes remain and roam through cyberspace. As if they’ll be saying next, “Riding Dragons and Whatnot?”


The ‘SHI-TENNO’ are a Tetrarchy.

The Oyagami are the creators of the MiniVerse and placed the Shi-Tenno to guard the inner Sanctum Sanctorum from evil-doers. However, their attention is divided, and their presence is required in other dimensions, thus creating the Metaverse as a defensive measure in their absence. Leaving the protection of The Arcade to their descendants… “While the Celestial Kings attend to matters we may never understand, our fate lies in the hands of the Shugoshin.

While the Kings of the Celestial Winds are away and slay Juggernauts or even darker Dreadnaughts, their castles remain empty… Until The Day They Are Summoned To Come Play!


*These Game Miniatures are made available for Early Adopters whom want to Play/Test the Minis on Maps before the public release; Giving these pre-production prototypes a boosted Collectible Value you might not want to miss out on? All proceeds go to further #GameDevelopment of StarArena_Games.



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