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All the previous Arcade Maps, from Shogi to Arcade Adventures, are mere experiments, tests and trials that lead up to our most prestigious Mega War Game. In short, the early Pilot Projects serve as Proof Of Concept that this record breaking Game Map is viable! So; Here We Go!!

To achieve this highly ambitious undertaking; Is To Chop Up The Monster Map Into Small Puzzle Pieces! Once production begins on Comics & Cards, each war story will be a segment of the Battle Royale taking place in 2520. As such, each war story will be a Puzzle Piece (Mini Map) you can Collect and Combine into larger Battle Fields and play the Missions to scale.

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Yes, I said It; World Record!

According to my measurements and calculations; More than Sixteen Thousand Chessboards fit into this Sandbox. Phew; Which might be more than I can chew? And; That’s what happens when you get carried away and explore the limits of your graphic program. Check out the size chart.

Hoshi Tōgi-ba0288 mm0,05 M2 58.650 mm2
Honmaru1Ø 1024 mm0,8 M2 823.550 mm2
Ninomaru2Ø 2048 mm3 M23.294.199 mm2
Sannomaru3Ø 4096 mm13 M213.176.795 mm2
Yonomaru4Ø 8192 mm52 M252.707.179 mm2
Gonomaru5Ø 16384 mm210 M2210.828.714 mm2
Rokunomaru6Ø 32768 mm843 M2843.314.857 mm2
Nanamaru7Ø 40960 mm1317 M21317.679.463 mm2
Akuma no Yubiwa8Ø 46208 mm1676 M21676.965.872 mm2

*This Monster Map is my Pet Project of 2022 and a mere preview because work is still in progress. Updates will be added when production milestones are reached… Stay Tooned.

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