Salutations Reader,
All the previous Arcade Maps, from Shogi to Arcade Adventures, are mere experiments, tests and trials that lead up to our most prestigious Mega War Game. In short, the early Pilot Projects serve as Proof Of Concept that this record breaking Game Map is viable! So; Here We Go!!

To achieve this highly ambitious undertaking; Is To Chop Up The Monster Map Into Small Puzzle Pieces! Once production begins on Comics & Cards, each war story will be a segment of the Battle Royale taking place in 2520. As such, each war story will be a Puzzle Piece (Mini Map) you can Collect and Combine into larger Battle Fields and play the Missions to scale.

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Yes, I said It; World Record!

According to my measurements and calculations; More than Sixteen Thousand Chessboards fit into this Sandbox. Phew; Which might be more than I can chew? And; That’s what happens when you get carried away and explore the limits of your graphic program. Check out the size charts.




The MiniVerse is ‘The Core’ and most Compressed version of this Game World! To reach this Top Level Tier in a Grand Tournament is the greatest achievable honor a gladiator can attain.

Lore tells us; There is Only One true StarArena®. Albeit with many duplicates ready to take Root in neighboring cyber networks. These Game Portals are there to Train & Test a new breed of warriors and bring forth Champions & Challengers competing for the Ultimate Prize.

The Grand Prize goes to the Victor in Battle and is given Sanctuary!

0StarArena288 mm0,05 M2837

Launched late 120th Century in the year 11.997 H.E.



The MetaVerse is the Complete and Expanded version of the Grand Battle Royale Tournament!

The Battles that take place here are submerged in Mythical Glory and ‘ripple’ throughout the entire of Cyber Space. The combination of the Mini & MetaVerse is also known as the Cyber Citadel of this Virtual World. Housing all the Game Gods the Gladiators must provoke or appease in an attempt to give up their treasures on their way to becoming the next Gunshin.

The MetaVerse is a Graphic Galaxy, containing multiple star systems orbiting around a central core. Like most Galaxies, she has a supermassive black hole at her center. Crowning above is the Sanctum Sanctorum, or the MiniVerse better know as the StarArena®

1HonmaruØ 1024 mm0,8 M216384

Launched early 121st Century in the year 12.016 H.E.



After a decade of non stop battle to get into The Arcade _Holding the roughest Knock-Out Tournament each gamer on earth is willing to queue up and die for_ a new Game Circuit is built. From these external arena’s will also arise; “The Birth of the Official Battle Leagues.”

These Outer Arena’s are the first expansion of what will lead to the ‘MegaVerse’ in the future to come. The available slots for the Grand Tournaments have become severely overpopulated with bloodthirsty players and reaches maximum entries within seconds per game, day in, day out.

To avoid Server Overload and improve quality of game play an Extra Circuit is added.

The Checkered Areas gained by reclamation of Cyber Space is primarily used for Death Matches and introduces Arcade Rules. These matches on the checkered Battle Fields or Blocks guarantee strong and cunning Gladiators to enter the Grand Tournament by way of Knock Out! Hundreds of Challengers can enter and only 16 Worthy Warriors may advance to the Meta Arena.

2NinomaruØ 2048 mm3 M2401.680

Launched early 121st Century in the year 12.027 H.E.

CIRCUIT_3: Sannomaru


More and more Players swarm the Gates of The Arcade wanting to get in on The Action! Within a decade the Circuit is overcrowded again with not much room to maneuver in this multi Hack & Slash mayhem. Even so, this Valhalla type setting seems to be what attracts Operators to this Battle World and it keeps gaining popularity. Meanwhile a New Circuit is Under Construction.

When the Sannomaru League _The 3rd Ring_ opens:
The gateways widen from Hundreds to Thousands of Players in the Arena’s each game.

With this Cyber World upgrade come a new range of Game Clones that link up and synchronize with Bio Modems. These commercial Coin Operated Machines are directly derived from the covert Battle Clones made by Vulcan Industries and ensue insane pop cult status.

Due to the advent of Bio Modems: Human Electronics become a trade commodity and consequently make the next generations migrate On Line in their (Game) Clones.

3SannomaruØ 4096 mm13 M2807.200

Launched mid 121st Century in the year 12.048 H.E.

CIRCUIT_4: Yonomaru


While Competing Companies rush to build alternative Cyber Worlds in various themed Arcades. The CEO of Vulcan Industries stays the course and holds true to the quality of their product and virtual constructs. Steadfast in their production process the Yonomaru Circuit _4th Ring_ ultimately opens their gates for the bloodthirsty gaming public. Giving the Players what they want; More Cutting Edge Gore Galore, Hi Tech Massacre And Mechanical Manga Mayhem!

But is it enough?

Sure enough the Battle Grounds have doubled in size. Yet, the demand for ‘Aggrotronics’ has quadrupled and cannot be adequately catered for. The ‘Cyber Citizens’ are growing restless. An unruly subculture is forming outside the walls of The Arcade, new groups of wannabe Warriors are loitering at the Game Gates in the hope of making the cut and gain entry to the Arenas.

To pass the time these ‘Unregistered Users’ fight to make coin in the Outlaw Leagues.

4YonomaruØ 8192 mm52 M216029.760

Launched late 121st Century in the year 12.091 H.E.

CIRCUIT_5: Gonomaru


As a consequence of ‘Better Building For The Future!’ Progress of StarArena expansions are measured and restrained from temptation to accelerate the construction in races with other Enterprises. A strategy that has proven its worth, having seen other Arcades ‘Collapse’ on themselves and fall apart, sinking competing companies into bankruptcy.

On account of ‘Not Cutting Corners Nor Quality, the Gonomaru _5th Ring_ has taken three quarters of a century to build. During this time an Underground Society has infested the Outer Rims and become the leaders in organized cyber crime. Technically the Circuit Construction Site is a DMZ; An inadequacy or loophole The Outlaws have taken full advantage of. Setting up shop as Traders and Brokers of the Dark Web and controlling the sales of Pirate Copy Game Clones.

With this League Launch the ‘Unregistered Users’ uptake has risen due to smuggler routes into the already congested Arcade. Even though the population lives vicariously via their (Game) Clones, the fact remains; Back on earth they linger as Bags of Bones.

5GonomaruØ 16384 mm210 M2320120.960

Launched late 122nd Century in the year 12.176 H.E.

CIRCUIT_6: Rokunomaru


Through the Construction of the Rokunomaru _6th Ring_ having taken a Century and a half; Doubling in Size once more. Comes with, the unforeseen plague of Settling Citizens in the New Territories, which turn into frequent skirmishes between Soldiers & Outlaws.

During this period we see the rise of Warlords taking root in the Arenas. Claiming that reclamation of Cyber Space is dishonest appropriation of their properties, being a pretext for; Taking The Block!

These outskirt encampments are more about Controlling Contraband and serve as safe havens for Cyber Villains and their consorts. Technically ‘Holding Position’ on the battle field is not in discord with the StarArena Codex, nor is systematically RAM Raiding players for Coin in tournaments. Field Stripping and Selling body parts of Game Clones on the Black Market; Is Against Rules & Regulations!

The Marshals order an increase of Patrols and User License checks in the outer Sectors.

6RokunomaruØ 32768 mm843 M2640487.680

Launched mid 124st Century in the year 12.345 H.E.



Before pending ‘Turn Of Events’ change the Status Quo we ask your attention to the above:

Keeping in tradition of the StarArena Mini & Meta~Verse: The Mega War Map is in all intentional purposes an imperial and majestic Multi Leveled Rotating Platform Game.

The sequence in the animation is an unnatural event, showing one cycle with equal steps, turning from/into: ‘Perfect Alignment’. The turning of the Harmonic Wheel is in matter of fact more random and continuously keeps; Changing The Playing Field. On behalf of the Game Gods this is done to gain in-game Strategic Advantages en create Disadvantages for your opponents.

Scientists will tell you the rotations are needed to stabilize The Core and keep the Galaxy from being sucked into The Black Hole. Mystics will allude and mention; This Is The Way.

Taught in Boot Camp; Identifying your location on the Mega War Map can be challenging at times. Troop Movement and Holoports are done by using the Coordinates as shown in table below.


*A Collection or Cluster of Zones are frequently grouped into: Area(s).

CIRCUIT_7: Nanamaru


We could call this the opening chapter of a new book and the beginning of the Mega War Game. When the Nanamaru _7th Ring_ reached near quarter of completion; Low Level Demons started sniffing around on the construction sites. Not that these were unrecorded, never before seen Creatures? Except; Their behaviors turned to Outrageous Blood Lust and Uncontrollable Craze!

Something in their Demeanor had changed, like flicking the light switch; Rummaging the dark outer rim and hunting for prey. After a long series of reported Missing Players, the Beasts started exhibiting a loss of restraint and attacking Construction Workers openly.

Military Patrols on investigation found the Labor Clones dragged away to the Beasts Lairs in shady corners of the Dark Web. Among the remains are also Game Clones; Both models had their Cyber Core crushed and Memory Cards burnt to crisp. And so; The Soul Sucking Has Begun!

These reports first appear in 2432 and coincide with the Electronic Euthanasia Act.

7NanamaruØ 40960 mm1317 M2N/A361.984

Frozen in time during 124th Century in the year 12.430 H.E.



Within 8 years Legions of Demons have gathered at the Gates

In those early years; The Outer Rim had been picked clean, a Terrifying Onslaught, witnessed from inside The Arcade. You would think that Operators knee deep in mayhem and massacre on a daily diet; Could stomach such a sight? Despite years of desensitization; Clones of All Types, be they Labor, Game or Battle? Hurled Nuts & Bolts over the Walls!

Clearly Evil in Epic Proportions was Afoot!
Something Malicious and Sinister; Death without Credits or Continues.

When all Unregistered Users, Construction Workers, loitering in the outer rim were mauled and devoured, the Swarm of Beasts retreat. Leaving in their wake; Colossal Chaos!!

The Picture Painted is far from pretty, as drones transmit a fly-by account on the aftermath via the com links. Giving the Cyber Citizens inside the perimeters of The Arcade a glimpse of the impending doom awaiting them. The screens show scattered Residuals of Game Clones ripped apart. Among these scenes of Digital Decay falls the shimmering light on the Cyber Cores; Cracked and Sucked Dry like Eggs. Another disturbing detail are the Cyber Brains; Violently penetrated and their Memory Cards Deleted by these Soul Sucking Bastards!

Everybody now knows, being killed by the Akuma is: Game Over!
The entire Arcade prepares for Battle and Mega War I starts in 2430.

Mega Battle of the 124th Century in the years 12.430 ~ 12.461 H.E. (Stage I)



Once the Demons swarm and overrun the walls,
it is Full Scale Battle from all corners of The Arcade.

The size and force of this Invasion marks it a Mega War for sure!

After centuries of playing Cops and Robbers, opposing players now go to war for the survival of their cyber world. Soldiers and Outlaws fighting side by side against relentless Beasts from Hell!

Alongside them are the Champions & Challengers that live for The Tournament and have been battle ready since their digital birth. Some of these Glorious Gladiators have managed to stay in the game for centuries and have insane Credits and Coins. Nevertheless, these are simply ‘Void’ in this ceaseless confrontation against the iniquitous and atrocious Hordes from Hell.

As their fallen Comrades in Combat make cryptically clear;
There Is No Reboot Back From The Deleted After These Suckers Are Done With You!

For three decades All Arena Warriors fight Tooth and Nail to defend the Rokunomaru Circuit. Nonetheless, the Sectors have taken insurmountable damage by the barrage of RAM Raiders and transformed them into Eternal Battle Fields. Arcadeans call this these Cursed Dominions.

Mega Battle of the 124th Century in the years 12.430 ~ 12.461 H.E. (Stage II)



Even the most Seasoned Warriors tap out and take breaks during regular Death Matches, hope of Victory is wearing thin. How long can the Arcadeans keep trading blow for blow without succumbing to the deep rooted fatigue within them? When slain Demons are simply replaced by another Beast and their own numbers gradually diminishing in the course war.

Just about when the bottom is about to fall out, those standing the line against Oni; Catch a second wind... Back up arrives; Behind them are Mystics come to Turn The Tide.

After examining the Clone Residuals and consulting the Monastery Libraries, these Battle Monks have trained extra hard to become Healers!! …Despite the fact that Colonels are Death Dealers by Duty. They are also Senjutsu (戦術) masters and the Mega War against these vile creatures demanded a new approach to terminating Soul Sucking Bastards! They found a way to revive the Semi Dead, returning them to the ranks and kicking Demon Ass back into Cyber Space!

…These Are Remembered As The 13 Lucky Years Of Victory….

Alas, the outer ring of the Rokunomaru was left behind war torn by the damage and plagued by Hungry Ghosts (餓鬼). These Sectors became known as the Doomed Domains.

Mega Battle of the 124th Century in the years 12.462 ~ 12.475 H.E. (Stage III)

THE RIVER: 火と氷の川


For a brief moment in time there is a feeling of Rest and Relief.

The Demon Scum have been removed from the Contest Circuits, but not gone from sight; As they gather and gain in numbers, surrounding The Arcade. This Mega War is far from Won…

The Generals order the troops to dig in and start strengthening their defensive lines. Fighting the Demons for half a century, the Soldiers became aware there a two groups: Red and Blue Oni.

The damage done to the Rokunomaru Circuit demanded their first order of attention. For the Inner & Outer rings were now divided into Cursed & Doomed areas, whereas the latter is riddled with Hungry Ghosts (餓鬼). To prevent these Yokai from pervading into the Inner Ring or further; A Moat Was Quarried Between The Infected Areas.

This groove is filled with Fire & Ice and serves as a natural barrier for the Red & Blue Demons. For neither can pass each others element and The River can be strategically controlled to delay large attacking troop movement. Be it as it may, because of the binary distribution of Hot & Cold; The defensive line is not completely foolproof. Yet, as advertised; Keeps Ghosts In The Box!

Excavating The River: 124th Century in the years 12.475 ~ 12.490 H.E.



With the Internal problem solved and the Ghouls contained in the Doomed Domains, work towards fixing the External predicaments begin. This starts by Building Bridges across The River. With the aim that troops and materials can be transported to the edge of The Arcade, to set about fortifying the weak borders. It is clear to the Marshals at Star Command that they are Under Siege and therefore a Large Scale Construction is ordered to build The Great Wall.

Intel from Bomber recon missions, indicate Legions of Demons are gathering for a Final Offensive to take out The Core! While the Tech & Mech Engineers keep building The Great Wall under cover of Bomber Unit sorties; Artillery Batteries are placed by the bulk!

Word is; When the Demon Overlords arrive to lead each congregating Army from Hell.
The Final Chapter of the Mega War will commence and you best have your Balls in a Baggy!!
The Arcadeans are outnumbered a Hundred to One…

Shit is about to get Real and you need to become a God amongst Babies;
“Get Ready To Lock & Load, Pull The Trigger And Kill The Bastards!!”

(8)Demon LegionsØ 46208 mm1676 M21665536

Building The Wall: 124th & 25th Century in the years 12.490 ~ 12.520 H.E.

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