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The Card Game has a rich history of development and over the years acquired an arsenal of synonyms; Colors, Cards or Code all refer to Army Divisions and/or Game Decks! In the grand scheme of things; “All Cards are Gifts from the Game Gods”. Distributed by the divine to help you battle the Evil Forces that crawl out of the dark underbelly of Cyber Space. This section is about the origin of the Cardinal Cards.

The Four Game Decks you see below track back to 1997 and are part of the flagship edition of Star Arena. Over time, the original game board has been renamed to: ‘Star Arena Classic!’ This was the full range of our Star Arena products in those days. Nowadays, four more game decks ‘Enforce’ the ‘Classic Cards’ in the battle against Chaos!



The previous 1995 game that Star Arena is based on, was build on a trilogy. Upon entrance of the square Game Board _converted to an octagon to allow more players at the table_ into the product range in 1997; The fourth game deck arose into existence. With it came the term ‘Champions & Challengers’ for the fourth deck and lead to origin of the game name. From there on; As Gladiators ‘All’ would have to fight for survival in the Arena!

Since these decks were all that one could play with for a solid five years, the urge dawned for expansions of the game cards. New decks were introduced to the gene pool that were more thematic in nature with a support function between 2003 and 2005, soon after these became better known as; Auxiliary Cards!

Yet… Somehow this caused a rift in the cards due to a class association of Primary & Secondary.

The Grand Reform of 2015 equalized this conflict of social convention by focusing on their positions or places of origin within the StarArena MetaVerse as seen on a compass. Even though history cannot be erased and the Classic Decks are ‘Type A’ by nature; The Balance is once again restored in The Arcade!

The Cardinal Colors, Cards, Codes & Winds!

The StarArena game board is the ‘Inner Sanctum’ of the MetaVerse and home to the Old Gods collectively known as the ‘Shi Tenno’ (Four Guardian Kings).

This quartered and divided into dominions cyber realm for each ruling King; Has the Arena at its core. Tournaments held here; Are what defines who will bring forth the next Champion of the Arcade.

South 南
The ‘Terra’ Dominion and home to King ‘Zocho Ten

West 西
The ‘Aqua’ Dominion and home to King ‘Komoku Ten

North 北
The ‘Aero’ Dominion and home to King ‘Tamon Ten

East 東
The ‘Pyro’ Dominion and home to King ‘Jikoku Ten

Cardinal Cards And Winds

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