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The Modem is a Card Game Expansion that brings Card Battle to a new level. As explained in StarArena® Game System: Each game expansion comes with its own ‘Rule-Setand prompt stages during game play. Once you start getting into Multi Player Card Games, we strongly recommend that you upgrade to playing with a Modem. The Modem Rules are ‘one size fits all’ but can have a specific ‘noteworthiness’ with other Game Gear upgrades.




Your mission for the Base-Game is to ‘obliterate’ the other player(s) Data-Base; Achieved when opponent has Zero Cards to play. When playing with a Modem, an inside track to Victory is added where Kills & Deaths also determine the Win Conditions. Score is kept on your Modem via the two types of counters: Lives & Wins.

  • You need to think of it like; Playing A Retro Arcade Game!
  • Specifically the part of; Insert Coin(s) To Enter!

Inevitably Lives are Lost during Card Battle and can be (re)gained by Insert Coin(s) into the pot.

  • 1 Coin gives you 3 Lives.

Losing a Card Battle, means you just Lost A Life ( -1 ) and the Life Counter is the set to -1. When you lose your Last Life; You are Out-Game and the Victor in that Card-Battle has just gained A Game-Win. Consequently, that players Win Counter is set to: +1.

  • The First Player to reach 6 Wins on the counter gets to Chant: Whois the #GunShin?
  • …A battle cry expressing Victory and being the War Hero or God of played game.
  • And!! The player who gets to; Take Home the Treasure!’
    *The Game Coins that have accumulated in the (jack)pot during game play.

When Players want to play another Match: All Data-Bases (Random Access Memory) are reshuffled and Counters are reset to Minimum. Goal after game reset: Reach 6 Wins First and become the next Gunshin!!

Each player who wants to participate, must: Insert Coin! _Maximum stake: 2 Coins/6 Lives_ into the Pot and draw a Hero Card from hand and place in Modem at the beginning of their game turn.


StarArena® is a Multi Player Collectable Card Game and is best played with 4 to 8 Players. A high number of players? Means; More chance to reach 6 Game Wins and proclaim to be the Gunshin!



A MO~dulator + DEM~odulator or Modem is a hardware device that converts data and can transmit code packages to another location. Simply put, it sends ‘Things’ _Cards, Coins or Minis_ from ‘Here’ _Home_ to ‘There’ _The StarArena® Mini, Meta or MegaVerse.

  • In short; The Modem is your ‘Home Base’ from where you Operate & Control your Hero.

In regards to Arena Games, we must now address the fact that this is where Game Pieces are first introduced. Stripped down to their bare essentials, their function is twofold:

  1. Shows other Players what Type of Clone you are playing.
    *Each Game Piece comes with a preset of Qualities and Strengths.
  2. Shows other Players _and Spectators_ Where You Are on the game board.
    *Keywords here are: Identification, Position or Location and Movement of the Minis.

The point we are building up to: Modems are your Zero Position. You are technically ‘Out Game’ and No Hero is In Play. Especially playing game variants that require ‘Actions’ _Roll Of Dice_ to ‘Move Your Mini’ _Steps Across Board_ to change location.

Modem Rules

Another point of focus are the Game Stages that occur when combining the collected Game Gear. The Modem essentially upgrades the Active-Hardware-Card position to a More Efficient Use of Table-Top Estate in The Card Game. Luckily, for your Hard Drive; Modems Have Few Rules…


Currently Arcade Games are our latest development and by nature don’t involve much Card Combat, excluding Modems from game play. Nonetheless, this will not remain forever so; Arcade Adventures is now under development in which Modems optimize your Minis & Moves.

We will add new Modem Rules as progress is made on our way to releasing the Mega War Game.

For now the Modem is in use for the Classics: The Card Game + The Arena Game.
Click the link below to read up on the: Rules Of Conduct (Arena Rules)


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