Welcome Operator!


Welcome Operator, you’ve just linked up to the StarArena_MetaVerse Arcade. Its time to go recon and kick some clone ass while you’re at it. Seek and destroy your opponent’s database, and put your name up.

Enter the MetaVerse, 

This is a Virtual World residing inside the Last Arcade in the year 2520 AD. The world has ignited into all out battle, pungent with the scent of melting clone armor and bombing artillery. Planetary Martial Law is enforced to prevent all forms of insurgency, but the outlaw hordes of malware mutants and separatist cells are indisputably rising. The good, bad and maleficent have become one as the war machine thunders across Post Earth’s junctions, where most of humanity has long been eradicated.

Claim Sanctuary,

You’re here to prove your worth in the Star Arena. This is a sanctuary, created amidst these vast Planetary battlegrounds, where the last remaining humans struggle for MetaVerse Citizenship and honor. It’s up to you to hand pick your Clone Allies and deploy them into battle against the man hungry competition. Are you a Warrior? Killer? Soldier or Hoodlum from the block? Star Arena doesn’t judge. This is raw ‘n uncut, except for your playing cards.

The Mission Objective: Survival of the Fiercest.

To earn Arcade Citizenship and sanctuary within the MetaVerse, you must link your wits to your clones’ cores, and compete in the Star Arena. Each clone has battle ready dual disk drives, powered by an explosive core of elemental origin. In this game, battle clones are represented by a customized playing card with offensive and defensive powers. Deploy Hardware Cards (Clones) and add Software Cards (Special Weapons, Apps and Modifiers) to ‘Hack & Slash’  your enemies into byte size chunks.

TCG_Mode: The_Card_Game

Destroy your opponents’ Clone Database, aka Card Deck. The winner is the one wiping out all hardware competition.

TAG_Mode: The_Arena_Game

The winner is the player reaching the top of Star Arena first. Your Reward for being ‘Victorious’ is the Treasure at the Top! In a Tournament Game the Grand Prize is Sanctuary in The Arcade.

Start your game and we will guide you through the basics by using the Set Up below. For comfortable reading, we advise keeping a tablet or smartphone on the side, so you can check out the Rules_Of_Engagement.

*For a preview of TAG_Mode game play, Check-Out the Product-Page on BoardGameGeek!


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