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Depending on the classics you grew up with, there are a few common ways to start a game. There is; Throwing the dice and the highest roller begins? There is; The youngest player at the table begins? And a couple of other ways to determine who gets to make the first move… By now I am sure you have figured out; This Section is about Who Starts Game?

This Hard Rule is for ‘ALL’ Star Arena Games:
The Old, The New and the still to Come; There Is Only One Way We Start The Game!

No matter what Star Arena game you play;
They ‘All’ begin with ‘Jan Ken Pon’ otherwise known as ‘Paper, Scissors, Stone!’

“The Winner Starts The Game!”

If you have lived under a rock since birth? View how to play below…


An Abridged History Of The Trilogy

As you can see above: Paper, Scissors and Stone form a Triad. Also if you look closely at the Star Arena Logo, you should notice that it prominently portrays the Trilogy symbol and that this Trigram is the company brand mark. The reason for this can be found in the mid eighties, nineties and early noughties. After a period of creating sub commercial comics under the name The Baby Hype and Vandal Comics a change of pace was initiated and our journey towards The Card Game began in 1995. This transition included the transformation of our Toy Baby Heroes, from being drawn as Toony characters from a LoonyVerse, into the War Machines that roam the MetaVerse today.

Since the aim was always to create a Battle Game, from the get go; The base structure is Paper, Scissor, Stone. Which we felt ’embodied’ the true essence of fighting fortitude. Each of the comic characters being a Master in the three prime disciplines. That is, until we added the Board Game (Arena) in 1997, which included our first expansion with the Fourth game deck; Champions & Challengers, and caused ‘change’ in the structure. Since those early days; The game radically started to evolve, expand and we are light years ahead from our first concept game…

Even So, We stand on Tradition and Honor our Origin;
Jan Ken Pon Is How We Start Each Game!!”


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