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We start our climb up the ladder with the ‘Eight Shugoshin’ or simply put; The 8 Guardian Gods. These Titans are the youngest descendants of the chief deity in the Aethernet and the vanguard of cybernetic martial advancements. Meet the makers of; Gods Vicious Babies.

Tasked with the network security of The Arcade and its protectorates, the ‘Shugoshin’ have been perfecting clone technology for centuries. Collectively, they are the Wardens of the War Machine, having manufactured, raised, and unleashed countless War Babies onto the battlefield.

The technological source for creating Atomic-Baby-Clones is been passed down the hierarchy, resulting in mass production of the Game Generation. The divine Code Root of this level has brought forth the Archetypes for the mainstream Battle Units we play today.



The Shi-Tenno created the MetaVerse and placed the Shugoshin in charge of defending the Honmaru of the Cyber Citadel. Each of these Game Gods is the Lord of all they survey in the Elemental Dominions that surround the MetaVerse. For they themselves have become Builders of Worlds and created the MegaVerse, which spans into the distant horizons of cyberspace.

Together, these eight polarized forces govern the Stratocratic Empire as an Octarchy and construct advanced armies to protect The Arcade. All conscripted Clone Operators do battle and hold banner for the Gunshin, although command and operations are led by Marshals.

In short; The Eight Shugoshin are architects and builders of the War Machine that drives the expansion of The Arcade. Forming Star Command and leaving the enforcement of Law & Order to their Master Generals in the conquered meta numerical universe.

Simply put; The Shugoshin operate on another level and plateau that you and I most likely will never ever know… However, when these Young Titans do enter the battlefields; It Is Best To Duck, Seek Cover And Enjoy The Show!


*These Game Miniatures are made available for Early Adopters whom want to Play/Test the Minis on Maps before the public release; Giving these pre-production prototypes a boosted Collectible Value you might not want to miss out on? All proceeds go to further #GameDevelopment of StarArena_Games.



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