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Before starting a New Game, the Host or Game Master must perform the Opening Ceremony. This is done from the Zero Position _previous article_ or if you rather prefer; Perfect Alignment.

The term ‘Perfect Alignment’ signifies the most advantageous Color Combo possible for Players and not a small feat to achieve. That is; …In The Heat Of Battle During Game Play!


Something ‘we don’t want to give away’ from the outset and reason for implementing shown ‘Opening Ceremony’ before a game. A completed ceremony; Gives Player 1 the highest percentage of Color Advantage when entering into the game as First Contender. Because the position of The Arena is then at the tail end of advantage and easily disrupted by ‘One’ click.

It is at the discretion of Player 1 to keep Harmony or create Chaos.

Opening Ceremony Procedure

Explained in plain words: The Opening Ceremony is performed by Rotating Each Level above the Base Plate + 2 Clicks. Once you Play or Own an Official Game Portal, you can hear the ball bearings “Click” into position when turning! …Start from Base and work Upward!!

  • The Holo-Port (Base Plate) remains in position.
  • Turn Season Ring + 2 Clicks! (The Levels Above Rotate Also…
  • Turn King Ring + 2 Clicks! (The Arena Level Above Will Also Rotate…
  • Turn Arena + 2 Clicks! (The Sanctuary Platform Above Will Also Rotate…

Once that is done; Decide Who Starts Game?
Please view next article to find out ‘Where?’ to start game, …exactly!

From there on out; Who Gets To The Top First Wins and Kick Ass in Card Battle begins!

Start At Holoport

Next: Start Game


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