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In this article we present Aero Coins: Rewards from the Purple Guardian God; Fujin (空神). These are One portion from a collective of ‘Eight Dominion Coins‘ that correspond with the benevolent benefactors of The Arcade. The Eight Shugoshin are the Youngest Gods in the StarArena® Pantheon, commanding the Stratotcratic Empire and Protectorates as an Octarchy.

Each of these Game Gods are creators of War Machines and Wardens over the Cyber Children of their Elemental Dominions. They provide conscripts of the Infantry and supporting Army Branches superior Combat Bodies with Battle Tech and contribute Military Pay.

The Purple Game Coins

A Soldiers Salary or Warrior Wages in the Arcadean Army begins with Base Pay; Remunerated by The Core or Nexus. Founded on the principles of Meritocracy; Special Pay can be received when various requirements have been satisfied on the battlefield. Compensated with Dominion Coins.

The Air God dispenses; Aero Coins, and obviously these Coin-Ups Hyper-Boost any Code or Clone with the Color: Purple! The favorite War Machines of Fujin (空神) are the infamous Troopers that dominate all variants of Aerial Terrains and Domains. Higher ranking players get praising Pay Outs based on their Score and Merits at the end of each mission.

In short: Army Personnel (Registered Users) receive Military Compensation for their service to The Arcade. Outlaws (Unregistered Users) must; Raid, Steal and Deal, otherwise Compete in Tournaments or Complete Contracts to Collect Coin and Treasure!

Beware; One Soldiers Loss is another Players Loot!

*These Game Coins are made available for Early Adopters whom want to Play/Test the Minis on Maps before the public release; Giving these pre-production prototypes a boosted Collectible Value you might not want to miss out on? All proceeds go to further #GameDevelopment of StarArena_Games.


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