The Story Behind The Modem.

The images below are reused from an earlier article: Where To Start Game? But since they tell the story so well, they now serve as visual aid to Modems Explained to a six year old!


What the Concept Sketches are telling us: There is an ‘Invisible Connection’ between an Operator and the Battle Unit, when you send your Clone onto any of the available Game Grids or Maps! It is this ‘life line’ that connects and sends your Game Clone the needed attributes in Battle, from your Home Base into the Cyber World where your game play takes place.

This story element is further emphasized in the notebook pages that follow. But also come with a reason why the Modems, slightly alter game play! And why these game expansions need to have their own ‘specific rules’ to bring into play. Because it changes _by way of enhancing_ the function of the: Active Hero Card!

In the Base Rules of The Card Game, it states that your *Active Hero Card* must be placed ‘OPEN’ or face up, flat on the table in front of you. This entails that your opponents can easily pick the weakest target, when browsing the table top, before deciding who to attack.

When you play with a Modem it is placed on the Hero Card spot, but renamed; Home Base! The reason why Hero-Cards are placed ‘open’ on the table top is: So that all players can clearly identify what HW-Card is Active!

When you play with a Modem; “It is that Card sticking out Vertically Upright and there is no way you can confuse it as Active or Not, with other cards laying about!” And therefore is played: Closed, with the ‘BLIND’ side facing the other players!


closing words by the creator

This article was written to give you some insight to the idea behind the Modem Concept _ Modems Explained _ and where it fits in the general Story Design. The Modem Rules will be posted in a following article, to keep Idea & Form separated. If you like seeing unedited artwork; I have over 10 years worth of notebooks, available for Patrons Only, over on the crowdfunding platform

This link will bring you directly to the page where you can order the most luxury deluxe Modem available! It is compatible with all StarArena_Game variants; All of these items are Pre-Production, Signed by the Artist and are for Patrons Only, until the Public Release of this Game & Toy System!

But their is still a long road to travel and many Comics & Cards to draw, before I can Publish the End Game I envision! Any and All Support is appreciated with Glory & Gratitude!

Or you can Opt to; Adopt an Original Artwork from the StarArena_Gallery/Shop.
All proceeds go to further Game Development.


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