Mega Toys


Salutations Reader,
The ‘Mega Toys’ are definitely the ‘Oldest’ project you will find in the Compendium. Their conception dates back to the early nineties of the previous century. The ‘War Babies’ of today find their lineage amongst the rubble of ‘Voluntary Defacing Public Property’ in the eighties. Which is another way of saying; The Creator of these Characters is a Veteran Graffiti Writer.

Forever a Vandal and stepping from a Teenage Tagger into young adulthood, the philosophy of the Amsterdam graffiti crew had also grown, evolving into a plan to change the past and reshape the future! Back then it is the collective conviction or belief of the TBH Trilogy that the path to immortality is achieved by performing the Ultimate Bomb; Converting ones TAG into a TOY!

Mega Toys

Little did they know this was a feat not easily achieved! Nevertheless, work began on creating Comic Characters and we envision Gods-Vicious-Babies as the Ultimate Toys! Even though our ambitions featured a Full Length Animation Movie, we had to settle for bombing T Shirts, Canvasses and Underground Manga’s dubbed The Baby Hype! Within three years the first Toy Prototypes are produced and premiere in the TBH Overexposure show in January of 1994 for the pleasure of the public. So we achieved our goal then and there; Our TAGS were now TOYS!

Mega Toys or War Machines?

Not shortly after the tumultuous year of 1994, your humble creator his interest shifted to Character Design. Continuing with the Story Concept of the Atomic Baby Clones drawn in 1992, work began on the Battle Modes. These are drawn as research into the Video Game Version of the characters and further evolution of the Mega Toys!

Not a Modeller or Sculptor by Trade or Heart; Further Toy Development Grinds To A Halt…

Meanwhile the Character Designs lead to the development of The Card Game & The Board Game.
It will take another twenty years before the prototypes are taken out of a dusty shoe box.
…and work continues on the Mega Toys.


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