THE ORDEAL PART 2 are the continued misadventures that turn into the latest Trials and Tribulations of your humble narrator. Recap from Part 1: In December of 2020 I contract what is now known as the Long COVID.

To give an impression what that entails; “As a ‘Caninetrovert’ I take out the dog(s) two or three times a day on a 5 kilometer hike without thinking about it. When dealing with Covid the first half of the year I was unable! We have a ‘pond’ behind the house which I just measured on google maps. On returning back from a ‘Quick Around The Pond’ of ± 160 meters I would be out of breath like having run a marathon.”

Come summer of 2021, returning back to Wood Work; I got struck by what we call the ‘Old Carpentry Injury! For 13 years the injury remained a never properly diagnosed medical mystery. Only this time around it hit like a bomb of a few Megaton; Excruciating to endure! We left of with expecting it to be ‘Supinator Syndrome’ and anticipating the long awaited appointment with the Neurologist.

When You Reach Hell; Keep Walking!

Back to THE ORDEAL PART 2: Come Christmas _the takeaway here is; One year later!_ things turned from Bad to Worse! One whole year of not being able to do any work is bad for morale, to keep myself busy I worked on this website. The latest project I worked on before Xmas consisted of making and uploading fresh Headers for the menu. Multiple Graphic Designs that caused severe Repetitive Strain Injury; Nudging the nerve and resulting in the worst shit storm yet!

Even common computer work had become too much to handle! Punching Plastic was too painful! Soon after doctors prescribed the Heavy Pills and turned me into a zombie for a month or so!!

Meanwhile; The final source of the nerve pain was located via an MRI: Discopathy!

Continued In: The Road To Recovery


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