THE ORDEAL PART 1 is an insight to my personal Notebooks, regarding a sequence of misfortunes that begun when I contracted Corona in December of 2020. As if the assault on my respiratory system wasn’t enough, when returning back to work after 6 months of sick leave; Something else surfaced!

With my immune system down in the dumps, other concealed deficiencies saw their chance clean to prosper and wreak havoc on my nerves and cause ridiculous arm pains! 10 years before I had endured the same mystery pain maker which had now returned with a vengeance like the wrath of every God in all pantheons recorded in dusty books worldwide combined, descending on your humble narrator.

With simpler words and phrasing; It Hurt More Than Ever Before!

Determined to find out what I was struck with? I made it my new ‘Sport’ to uncover the source of this infernal pain! Against my wishes the GP had referred me to a Rheumatologists while I insisted the cause was Nerve Pain. Sending me on a 4 month detour with no medical results or conclusions with the pain as persistent as ever.

Meanwhile, seeking pain relieve and answers, I made an appointment with a ‘Hand Specialist’. After describing the sensations and symptoms, the prognosis after a few sessions was:

Supinator Syndrome.

Equal to the suspect I presented to the GP; And still I was wasting my time at Rheumatology…

Finally Someone Understands…

With confirmation on the most likely culprit and a known Carpentry Injury; I made the entries in my Notebook you see above. While every day it was not the question; IF in pain? But rather; How Much!? All the while unable to work and earn coin. Abiding my time and enduring the torture; Having to wait to the 23rd of November to get my first consultation with the Neurologist.

Continued In: The Ordeal Part 2


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