ROAD TO RECOVERY is the aftermath and retrospect of the final diagnosis: Discopathy!

There you are, electrocuted for six months _because that’s how nerve pain feels like basically_ and you feel burned to the ground. All your energy and reserves spent, while you scrabble yourself out of hell! What comes next? For me it is; Evaluate The Situation.

The Notebook above is a journey through the past 13 years and most monumental milestones. Bringing me to the conclusion that I have two main vocations in my life I don’t completely suck at:

WoodSmith (Work)

Anything relating to Woodwork, Cabinetry or Carpentry primarily focused on Interior Design.

GameSmith (Hobby)

‘Catch All’ term for a lifelong passion of Comic Craft, Game Mechanics and Graphic Design.

The Notebook above was drawn while in recovery from the Pinched Nerves in the C5 Inter Vertebra, in a time of my life when I felt weaker than ever before, but got me through the days. Since then Physiotherapy has become my day job and not without unforeseen hurdles and setbacks! For six months the Discopathy has stolen the spotlight and been the main attraction on stage; Catching everyone’s eye and attention…

Firstly; The challenge is to reprogram the brain not to panic when stress _even in small volumes_ is applied to the arms. Secondly; Once progress presented itself in that department, the original Antagonist revealed to have never left the podium and is still lurking in the shadows!

The Road To Recovery

Will be longer than expected, because after One Year and Five Months;
I am still dealing with the fall out from Long Covid!

The Goal is to restore health and stamina to a minimum of average. And train the upper body back into strength while loosing a couple of surplus kilograms I have gained this year… Then;
Back To Wood Work And Earn Some Coin!

Or? You Can Support The Dream And Give Coin To The Cause;
Become A ‘Patron’ Today And Help This ‘GameSmith’ On His Way!

Dog Training

Next: Recovery And Training


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